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Home and Away star’s surprising career move: ‘Important’


Star of Home and Away Jacqui Purvis is starting a very significant and personal endeavour in the coming weeks, and it’s obvious how enthusiastic she is about it.

In an effort to dispel “taboos” and stigmas associated with the subjects, the actress wrote the short film Voicemails Last Forever, which examines themes of “mental health, loss, and suicide.”

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jacqui discussed how the Home and Away cast has supported her, why she is so determined to utilise her platform for good, and her future goals.

‘Affected me’


Three years ago, after having an uncomfortable conversation with one of her close friends, Bradley, the star began writing her short film.

Although Jacqui has never had “suicidal thoughts,” she claimed that the conversation “really affected her” and made her want to take action.

“I truly put everything in writing because that’s how I process stuff.

And then, she recalls, “we had Covid, and so many things happened, and especially going through Covid — I think a lot of people really suffered from [mental health concerns].”


The celebrity hopes to create a discussion on these taboo or challenging subjects.

She explains that sometimes it’s the people you least expect who are going through something in their lives that they need to talk about or get it off their chest.

Extremely thankful

While Home and Away is on break in July, Jacqui intends to film her project. To that end, she has been online fundraising with 10% of the money going to the mental health organisation Beyond Blue.


She was propelled to fame and given a wide platform to use by her role in Australia’s top domestic drama.

“I felt like I had to take advantage of this opportunity because I do have it. If I didn’t, I’d be kicking myself, she says truly.

“I was able to set up a GoFundMe page and receive funds from it, and now we can film it. And then maybe, after we’ve finished filming it, I can upload it to the internet and, once more, use my platform to encourage viewers.

I’m incredibly grateful, she says.

‘Supported me’

According to Jacqui, the team at Home and Away has been a tremendous source of support for her. The workplace has been regarded as feeling more like a family.


“I have folks here who have undoubtedly assisted me in producing it and bringing it to its current state. Even on the crew, there are guys like cameramen, and I’m continually approaching them and asking, “What lens are we on?” What shot are we doing? and perhaps I should utilise this.

She acknowledges that working on Home and Away and attempting to do this is a lot. “They’re continually teaching me, and then I’ve got my co-stars who have totally helped and supported me throughout this whole thing,” she says.

As part of their mid-season finale push, Home and Away only takes two weeks off, and Jacqui reveals that she’s using one of those precious weeks to film her project, in which she also stars.

While she won’t receive as much rest and leisure as the other cast members, she quips that she’ll just have to make the most of any free time over the weekends.

“We must communicate,”

Jacqui says “we need to communicate” more because she didn’t want to wait around for someone else to finish the task.

She says with a strong voice, “I was like, let’s hustle, let’s do this, let’s actually get this made and try and get awareness out there, [to] really help people that are in need.

If there is one thing she hopes will happen after the movie is released, it is that people will ask one straightforward question.

“I would love for people to stop and just ask everyone if they’re okay, not just those they believe to be in pain or going through a difficult time. All of their family and friends are there.

And just make sure you’re in touch with your loved ones.

Support Jacqui’s short video by clicking here; 10% of all sales will go to Beyond Blue.

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