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Neighbours final week spoilers: End of an era as the Robinson family quits Ramsay Street


The Robinsons are widely recognised as being from Ramsay Street since they were a part of the original triad of families—the Ramsays, the Robinsons, and the Clarkes—that appeared in the first episode of Neighbours.

The clan has consistently appeared in the history of the programme. So it only makes sense that the family finally leaves their beloved cul-de-sac behind as the soap opera comes to an end.

Paul battled Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) through the drama to hold onto his cherished company.

His former best friend Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien) shows up in town, makes an offer, and then retracts it after learning about Paul’s background, just as he manages to overcome it. Paul now risks completely losing his hotel.


With everything going on, Paul decides to take the gang to New York and leave Erinsborough behind for the city’s bright lights.

Terese is packing up to leave, but there’s still a little unease. Both of them are packing up for new beginnings even if they are unsure of what this entails, therefore whatever it is must be left behind, right?

David (Takaya Honda) makes the decision to tag along for the trip to New York City, and Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is also up for a new beginning.

Lucy is overjoyed by the unexpected family reunion when Chris and Annie come from New York. Leo (Tim Kano), who also senses the familial love, decides he wants to travel to the opposite side of the globe with the group.


Jane is saddened to learn that Nicolette is moving away since she believes she drove her away by acting like Mrs. Mangel.

When Toadie’s wedding day arrives and is filled with great romance, it throws a wrench in the plans for everyone to begin their new life across the pond and makes Paul and Terese realise they still have feelings for one other.

Will Terese be the factor influencing his decision to stay or will she opt to accompany him?

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