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Home and Away star’s hidden connection to Summer Bay newbie


It’s been said that the world is a tiny place, and Summer Bay appears to be even smaller!

Senior Constable Cash Newman, Home and Away’s sexiest new officer, is ready to arrive in Summer Bay on Monday night, but it’ll be a bit of a homecoming for the guy who plays him.

Nicholas Cartwright, who plays the new constable on the block, has a connection to Ethan Browne, who plays Tane Parata on Channel Seven’s long-running programme, since the two formerly attended NIDA, Australia’s finest performing arts institution.

Ethan rushed to Instagram ahead of Nicholas’s debut to pay respect to his friend and wish him success by uploading a series of photos of the actor.


Nicholas Cartwright will play Summer Bay’s sexy new constable on Home and Away.

“I thought I’d gotten rid of this person after three years of putting up with him during acting school…

Now I have to spend more time with him at work, ffs ? ? ?? …” In the caption, Ethan made a joke.

“When I heard there was a search for a new police officer in the bay, I instantly thought of this man. He was perfect for the part, and he nailed it! One of the most hardworking persons I’ve ever encountered, and well-deserving! I’m so proud of you, brother!


“As Constable Cash Newman?‍♀️, he joins us in the bay tonight. Show some love ❤ to the bro @nicholas_cartwright by tuning in at 7 p.m.!

Nicholas responded with a happy and heartfelt message, demonstrating to followers how close they are in real life.

Nicholas joked in the comments section, “I knew you’d never leave me bro xoxo.”

Before landing his role on Home and Away, the 33-year-old spent six years in the Australian Army as a rifleman, serving in East Timor and Afghanistan before deciding to pursue acting.


In a conversation with Perth, Nicholas now admits that acting is filling the hole left by the defence force.

“When you leave the military, you might feel a little adrift, and no one wants to take a regular job,” he told the outlet.

“So I decided to go to NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) and see what the craziest thing I could do would be.

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