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Home and Away kiss shock for Nikau and Allegra in 23 spoiler pictures


Monday, June 21:

Nikau has another important day ahead of him.
In the Bay, Sienna has arranged an impromptu photoshoot.

Allegra is also a participant in the photo session.
Sienna is fully aware that Bella will be disturbed by this.

Allegra and Nikau seemed to be having a good time together.
Even though there isn’t anything going on between them, it irritates Bella.


Bella lends a hand to Emmett during the filming.
In recent weeks, she has been working as his intern.

Bella’s effort has pleased Emmett.
It’s obvious that she’s a natural performer.

Nikau’s controlling agent is never far behind when Sienna takes charge of the day.

Nikau is posed for some test pictures by Sienna.
Emmett is getting ready to shoot.


Emmett is concerned about Nikau and Bella.
Sienna is manipulating both of them, he can see it.

Sienna is dissatisfied with the current situation.
She believes Nikau isn’t at ease posing for photos with Allegra while Bella is there.

Sienna devises a fresh strategy.
She wants Bella out of the way for the time being.

Bella is asked by Sienna to go grab some coffee for everyone.
Bella agrees grudgingly.


Bella is concerned that she is being pushed out.
Sienna is certainly up to something nefarious.

Allegra is approached by Sienna in private.
She’s still not happy with how the shoot is progressing.

Sienna asserts herself.
She wants the shoot to have more sex appeal.

Sienna adds a subtle hint.
She instructs Allegra to wait for her cue before kissing Nikau in front of the camera.

Allegra is taken aback by Sienna’s request.
But, as is customary for her, she goes along with it.

The picture session is still going on.
Allegra is well aware of her responsibilities.


Nikau and Allegra are becoming closer.
Emmett is now able to take better pictures.

Allegra follows Sienna’s lead.
She encircles Nikau for a kiss.

Nikau is taken aback by Allegra’s kiss.
And Bella is keeping an eye on everything…

Nikau takes a step back from Allegra.
Allegra, he believes, has crossed the line.

Nikau grasps the situation. Bella has seen it everything.
Bella is dissatisfied.

Nikau is concerned about the future of his relationship.
Will Bella notice that Nikau didn’t request this?

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