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Drunken injuries, huge risks and dramatic photoshoots: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers


This week on Home and Away, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and a newcomer, Stephen, attack John (Shane Withington) at the Diner (Bren Foster). He instantly abandons their intentions to find Susie (Bridie Carter) – and both Tori (Penny McNamee) and Justin (James Stewart) are unimpressed that Christian (Ditch Davey) was the one who convinced Leah to resume her search.

Meanwhile, Alf (Ray Meagher) and Roo (Georgie Parker) are pressuring Chloe (Sam Barrett) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) to discover their next move, and Chloe comes up with the idea for them to create a new firm that would directly compete with Salt. Will their project, however, get off the ground in the face of challenges they hadn’t anticipated?

Bella (Courtney Miller) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) attempt to spend the day together, but their plans are shattered when Sienna (Rose Riley) and Emmett (JR Reyne) arrive from the city. Furthermore, it isn’t long until preparations for a major surprise photoshoot take over the Bay…

Here’s what’s on tap for the week starting Monday, June 14th.


In the quest for Susie, Stephen joins Leah

Leah is re-energized in her hunt for Susie after speaking with Christian. She attempts to encourage John to start looking with her again, but he refuses since he doesn’t want to go through the ordeal again. However, he is taken aback when a stranger enters the Diner and joins them, claiming his name is Stephen and that he, too, was duped by Susie…

Chloe and Ryder start a new company

Chloe just informed Alf and Roo that she and Ryder are both looking for work. Roo, on the other hand, isn’t going to wait any longer and informs them that if they don’t tell her their plan by that afternoon, she’ll invent one for them. Chloe shows Ryder the taco truck card from Nikau’s after-party in the city and asks Ryder how difficult it would be to start their own food truck.


Dean discovers Mackenzie unconscious and inebriated on the ground

Dean has been attempting to assist Mackenzie as she descends into a violent spiral, but he has had little success. He brings her back to the Pier Apartment after finding her intoxicated at a motel, but she isn’t ready to stop drinking. In fact, he goes in one day to find her intoxicated on the floor with a crushed glass in her hand. Furthermore, she is too inebriated to realise she has injured herself.

Christian begins to take enormous risks

Despite Tori’s surprise, Christian is ecstatic with his morning skinny swim and enthusiastically offers to his fiancé in Salt that they try Arctic freediving in Norway. Tori does all she can to get Christian to concentrate on the wedding planning, but he has other ideas. He goes on a drive after having a tarot card reading from Marilyn, pushing himself to go faster and faster so he can feel the excitement…


John has a number of probing questions for Stephen

Irene is disappointed by the open chats about locating Susie that Leah had with Stephen in the Diner. Justin is playing the game by assisting Leah with the meeting, and he is taken aback when Stephen remains calm and suggests they put the search on hold. Jonathan, on the other hand, feels compelled to ask Stephen a tough question: was his relationship with Susie ever romantic?

Mackenzie starts sleeping with males she doesn’t know

Dean gets home from the attorneys, where he had been working out custody arrangements for Jai with Amber, to find unusual garments scattered about the flat. Then he notices a strange man attempting to exit Mackenzie’s room silently. Mac pushes Dean to express his true feelings, but he leaves her alone in the apartment to contemplate.

Tane has some surprising news for Ziggy

Tane is reminded of why he likes being with her when Ziggy pulls off an outstanding surprise for Ryder and Chloe’s new business. His affections for her become stronger. He also begins to worry that if Mia and Ari have a child, the Parata house would become much more crowded. What will Ziggy think if he suggests moving in with her?


The day of Bella and Nikau is wrecked by a large surprise photoshoot

After spending time apart owing to Nikau’s photo assignments, Bella and Nikau decide to spend a day together. They are, however, interrupted by the unexpected presence of Sienna and Emmett, who take up all of their time. To their dismay, the couple soon springs an unexpected surprise on them: they’re going to conduct a photoshoot in the Bay for Nikau and Allegra, a lovely model…

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