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Home and Away star Sophie Dillman shares new role after Ziggy Astoni exit


After leaving the serial opera, Sophie Dillman, a former cast member of Home and Away, revealed her next assignment.

The actress disclosed in her Yahoo Lifestyle Australia column that she had moved from Summer Bay to East London as a result of being cast in Wanstead Theatre Company’s performance of Breakfast with Johnny Wilkinson.

Dillman continued, saying that she had always loved working in theatre and that she was both anxious and thrilled to take on a new role. She wrote, “I was both thrilled and terrified when I was offered this job.

“Happy because the director, actors, and producers are wonderful, the tale is amusing, and the character is a lot of fun. But at this moment, the feeling of terror is clearly stronger than the enjoyment.”


“I haven’t played anyone but Ziggy for the last seven years,” she went on. I am suddenly immersing myself in a whole new persona and surrounded by complete strangers.”

In the Australian soap opera, Dillman portrayed Ziggy Astoni until his departure earlier this year, having served in that capacity for six years.

She and her partner Patrick O’Connor, who portrayed Ziggy’s lover Dean Thompson, left the soap opera together, with the two characters moving to Queensland after a heartfelt baby storyline.

Since their first encounter on the set of Home and Away, Dillman and O’Connor’s romance has flourished, leading to their joint relocation to London.


The actress talked about the body shaming she had experienced while filming the soap opera earlier this month, and she disclosed that she was the only member of the cast to be asked about her bikini choice.

She said that she frequently “hated” wearing a bikini on the job. “None of the straight-sized actors/actresses have their confidence questioned or value put up for debate,” she stated.

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