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Home and Away star Sarah Roberts confirms divorce from husband, co-star James Stewart


After five years of marriage, Sarah Roberts, star of Home and Away, has announced her divorce from husband and co-actor James Stewart.

The 39-year-old DJ and actor verified the news in an interview with Stellar Magazine, capping months of rumours.

“I just want to say that I am divorced, but I’ve been really afraid to talk about this,” Roberts remarked.

It’s acceptable for people to simply grow apart at times. I eventually came to the realisation that this specific relationship was not allowing me to grow in the way I wanted to.


Roberts declared that she will always be devoted to Stewart’s daughter Scout, imparting to her the lesson that “love is infinite.”

Roberts hopes to have her heart shattered again, even though she acknowledges that there have been moments when she failed to see the light.

“It’s just heartache,” Although it would be ideal for it to never happen again, I hope that I do break my heart again because it would imply that I had truly loved and been vulnerable with someone else. It feels horrible and nasty.

Roberts and Stewart, 48, got married in Ireland two years after they first connected on the set of the popular TV programme in 2017.

tod aaa home and away wedding – Sarah & James. Source: @johnroberts691/Instagram

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