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Home and Away star Patrick O’Connor reveals Karen story plans changed


Both at home and away Patrick O’Connor has revealed how his on-screen mother Karen (Georgia Adamsoncomeback )’s intentions have changed in recent years.

Karen was slated to return in 2021, according to Patrick, who plays Dean Thompson on the show.

“They had planned to have Karen back last year,” he explained, “but it was still a surprise!”

Georgia was in a separate state in Australia, he continued, and the actress couldn’t go to Sydney to film her sequences due of the pandemic’s restrictions.


“I was more disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to achieve it in 2020,” he continued. “But I’m delighted we were able to reclaim her. Karen is well-known for being a wonderful person!”

In subsequent episodes, he also explained how his on-screen mother will ultimately meet her grandson. When asked about the union, he admitted that meeting Jai can “only be a good thing.”

“At first, Dean sticks to his bargain with Amber to keep his mother away from Jai,” Karen says.

“However, there’s a beautiful twist, and Dean caves in – he realises that Karen seeing Jai can only be a good thing,” he continued.


Patrick talked about his character’s relationship with Ziggy in another part of the conversation. “I love it!” he exclaimed when it was suggested the couple was getting back on track, before adding, “One minute they’re good and then there’s another curveball.”

Future sequences “tease that Dean is still a River Boy at heart, and how it might be an issue,” he said.

Karen’s homecoming, which was announced in February of this year, sent Dean into a frenzy, since he still had a lot to tell her about his life.

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