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Home and Away star Nicholas Cartwright reveals role for his real-life sister


Actress Zara Zoe has joined the cast of Home and Away, according to Nicholas Cartwright.

In a beautiful Instagram post, Cash Newman welcomed his younger sister to Summer Bay as newcomer Millie, which aired on Wednesday (May 5) in Australia.

“My gorgeous little sister will be joining us on @homeandaway this week! More fun on set, “It’s a secret,

“It was impossible not to smile at her between takes. It’s a joy to work with family in this strange environment. Welcome @nottherealzarazoe! Watch to see what we do.”


So is Zara about joining the Home and Away team. Zara said she had “the finest time” working on her first episode in a different post this morning.

Zara invited supporters to tune in “to see Millie falling into the bay” alongside a series of promotional pictures.

A horrific vehicle accident involving doctor Logan Bennett leads to Zara’s dramatic debut.

The unwell Millie is stabilised by nurse Jasmine Delaney and her new-found half-brother, paramedic Xander Delaney, but her hospitalisation causes concern for everyone involved.


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