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Home and Away star Lynne McGranger discusses possible exit from soap


Star of Home and Away Lynne McGranger has talked about leaving the serial opera.

The performer, who has played Irene Roberts for 31 years, talked candidly about her thoughts of leaving Summer Bay in a recent interview with Stellar magazine.

“It’s something I’ve mulled over, and it has been in the back of my mind for the last year or two,” she stated.

McGranger stated that she is thinking of leaving, but that no date has been established. She then talked about how much she is loving her most recent theatrical endeavor, The Grandparents Club.


“Certainly no date has been set [to leave], but what I love about working on The Grandparents Club and being involved in this wonderful celebration is that it’s taking me back to my roots,” she said.

It may take some time for the performer to appear in the original stage production since she is presently on a temporary leave of absence from her role as Irene.

The musical comedy, which is now on tour in Australia, highlights the significant influence grandparents have on their grandchildren’s lives and features a number of tunes from the 1960s and 1970s.

During an appearance on Australia’s The Morning Show, McGranger earlier announced that she will be taking a sabbatical from Home and Away. She reassured fans that Irene wouldn’t be leaving the Bay for too long.


The performer hinted that her part in the upcoming theater play will be “a way of taking the mickey out of what people perceive grandparents to be.”

“Which is, of course, old and doddery, but in fact, grandparents can be in their 40s these days, bungee jumping or climbing Everest,” she continued, noting that she will be “getting back to my roots, singing and dancing, interacting with the audience.”

After Irene was recently arrested for aiding Dana Matheson in continuing to elude law enforcement, McGranger was temporarily removed from the show.

Irene was taken aback when the magistrate declared her to be formally exonerated and that all allegations against her had been dismissed during a heated court proceeding.


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