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Home and Away fans confused over Cash blunder as he ditches police force in shock move


When Cash left the police department, supporters of Home and Away called attention to a clear mistake.

After being placed on force suspension, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has been living without a job for the previous three months. He was suspended for not speaking out when Dana (Ally Harris) sought safety at Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) home.

Dodgy police officer Detective Madden set Dana up on a drug charge, and then he kidnapped and attempted to murder her. Even when Cash apprehended Madden and established Dana’s innocence, he was relieved of all responsibilities while an enquiry was conducted.

Cash’s suspension review appeared on this Friday’s (March 15) episode of the Channel 5 soap opera. The call he had been waiting for from the station finally arrived later that evening.


It was not, however, the result he had hoped for. Cash was informed that although he would be demoted and given restricted responsibilities, he would be able to keep his employment.

Cash, hurt by the offer, informed his old coworkers that he would not be going back to work. Fans questioned how the Summer Bay police officer, who is suspended, has been making ends meet financially after being ordered to leave amid the turmoil.

Regarding Cash’s girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Pannozzo), they discussed the same topic. Fans will be aware that Eden plays with Lyrik, a band that only recently reunited after Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) comeback.

Lyrik hardly performed during the months when Kirby flew alone. And only last week, two men abducted Eden and critically injured Remi (Adam Rowland).


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