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Murder charges, embarrassing dinner and a favourite leaves? 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

In this week’s episodes of Home and Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) are trying to figure out who killed wealthy gambler PK (Ryan Johnson). His death was confirmed to have been brought on by several blunt force trauma wounds to the head from a wrench in the coroner’s report, but who did it? The focus is on a number of people, including Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Emily Weir, and Jacqui Purvis’s Felicity.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) offers having Chloe (Sam Barrett) around for supper, which Theo (Matt Evans) is happy to hear. Leah starts questioning Chloe at the table, wondering what her intentions are, and the new couple is mortified. Theo is unhappy with his aunt when Chloe swiftly leaves, and he wonders whether she is to blame for the relationship’s demise.

The following is the schedule for the week commencing on Monday, July 4.

Cash questions Felicity, who then realises Mackenzie might be in trouble

After Tane’s stabbing and emergency blood transfusion, Felicity and Tane are just about to get back on track when the cops show up at their door. Rich gambler PK has just been discovered dead on the beach, and Cash and Rose want to ask Felicity about it, but they make it plain she isn’t a suspect. Felicity is compelled to confess a partial truth and say that Mackenzie was heavily indebted while Logan is listening in. She claims that PK was helpful to her, but when Rose inquires as to what he expected in return, she tells them to speak with Mackenzie directly. Felicity realises that she and Mackenzie would be in danger if Cash and Rose find out about their illegal poker sessions after the police have left.

Nathan sets up Dean in frightening circumstances as the killer of PK

Cash and Rose decide to follow up on their leads and find one of PK’s known accomplices, Nathan Silva, after speaking to Felicity about PK’s passing. As soon as they get him inside the station, he goes on the defensive and claims they were buddies. Rose argues that Nathan had plenty of motivation because he owed PK a sizable loan. Nathan goes to dig about in a bush after him because he is anxious to confuse the police. Then, after cleaning it with a cloth and removing a wrench, he draws a terrified look around him. What is he up to?

Ziggy lies to police for Dean, and Rose finds out what she did

An unsettling phone call from Dean, who is down at the station being questioned about PK’s murder, interrupts Ziggy’s cheerful morning. She rushes there, and Rose observes that she is uneasy. When she quietly inquires about how Ziggy knew PK, Ziggy understands that she needs to calm down. When Cash asks Ziggy to confirm where Dean was on the day of the murder, she responds without hesitation that he was at her house because she had the afternoon off from work. Cash and Rose, on the other hand, are unconvinced, and when they investigate her statements by searching their databases, they find out Ziggy used a cash machine near Yabbie Creek that afternoon, proving she is lying.

Roo behaves strangely following the transplant procedure

Following the surgery, Roo and Martha are doing well, and Roo wants to encourage her mother to take short walks around the hospital to build up her strength. Alf is informed by Martha that their daughter’s passion is becoming excessive. Roo is given the all-clear to return home, but Martha is asked to stay in the hospital for a few more days so that staff members can monitor her. This upsets Roo, who demands to stay with her mother. She cannot be stopped by Alf, Marilyn, or Martha, and it is obvious that she is paralysed by her fear of abandoning her mother.

Leah makes Chloe the centre of attention during an awkward family meal

Leah pursues her nephew for information now that Theo and Chloe’s relationship is recognised as formal. Leah is eager to learn more, but Theo keeps his mouth shut. She requests that Chloe be invited over for a family meal from Theo as she struggles to gather information from anyone. Having “dinner with the parents” so quickly makes Chloe nervous, but Theo is confident, so they must truly like her. Chloe appears to be a little more at ease with Justin and Leah that night, but Leah unexpectedly thrusts Chloe into the spotlight and inquires as to what is actually going on between them. Is Chloe really that into Theo? While Theo is enraged with his aunt, Chloe feels embarrassed and departs.

Bella’s New York offer forces Nikau to make a difficult choice as it hangs over them

When an unexpected visitor named Emmett interrupts Bella’s afternoon photography session, she is completely engrossed! She is happy to see her friend but wonders why he came back from New York City? Having recently been hired by an independent gallery, Emmett asks whether she would be interested in working as his assistant for three months. Bella is shocked and goes to talk to Nikau, who is unable to get over his anger that Emmett is back due to his association with Sienna. Bella feels betrayed by his outright refusal to contemplate her leaving. But when Nikau confides in John, he is gently warned that he might regret obstructing Bella’s dreams.

As Logan is accused of killing Jo, Xander is faced with a moral choice

When Jasmine and Xander see that Logan appears deflated, they inquire as to his well-being. Logan says that he has been accused of reckless driving causing fatalities. Xander decides to make one more attempt to persuade Millie to change her mind after the siblings realise that Logan’s demise might be caused by her cowardice. However, Millie escalates her threat by claiming that he has been harassing her, which leads to a brief incident. Jasmine implores Xander to be honest with the police as Logan waits to be sentenced. Will Xander give his life to keep Logan alive?

Will Chloe leave Theo after leaving Leah’s interrogation?

After Leah’s uncomfortable interrogation—how could she subject Chloe to that?—Theo corners her. Leah claims she was only trying to protect her nephew, but Justin agrees with Theo that it was totally unacceptable. Theo remarks mockingly to Leah after Chloe has left, “Nice work.” Leah acknowledges with regret that perhaps her timing wasn’t quite right. Theo feels discouraged the following day because he hasn’t heard from Chloe. Do they already have a broken relationship? Leah chooses to speak to Chloe again and step in to solve the problem, but is she going to make things worse?

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