Sunday, July 3, 2022

Home and Away Star are reacting to Witness X’s fan reaction

In Australia, Witness X’s identity was recently revealed.

The dramatic revelation of Witness X was discussed by Home and Away star Sarah Roberts.

Colby Thorne was sentenced to 25 years in jail for scenes that recently aired in Australia. As he discovered that Witness X was Willow Harris, who had deceived the murderer and covertly recorded a confession from him, his trial went south for him.

In order to defend Bella Nixon and Dean Thompson, Willow testified against him but then left Summer Bay in the aftermath.

Sarah, who plays Willow, said in an interview with Australia’s The Daily Telegraph that the big announcement resulted in a huge reaction from viewers.

“She shared that the fans’ reaction was overwhelming. “That was such an awesome storey to dig my teeth into.

Though Colby has been locked up in the aftermath, there promises to be plenty of drama.

A new Australian trailer indicates that Colby, a policeman, could be attacked behind bars by his fellow inmates, as Bella is concerned that there is a risk he could be killed.

To see all unfold, UK viewers will have to wait until early 2021. Tomorrow (November 20), the UK season finale airs.

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