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Home and Away Spoilers Alert: New trailer reveals the risk of Colby, the Parata family crisis and the drama of Martha

Huge new storylines are on the way.


For UK and Australian viewers, Home and Away spoilers follow.

A dramatic new trailer previewing upcoming storeys has been released by Home and Away.
At the top of the page, readers will get a first peek at the thrilling promo, as Colby Thorne’s comeuppance takes another twist and a dangerous new work faces the Parata family.

After being deceived by Witness X, Australian viewers recently saw Colby (Tim Franklin) receive a prison term.
The latest trailer now suggests more trouble to come for Colby, as because of becoming a police officer, he becomes a target for the other inmates.

As Colby’s sister Bella (Courtney Miller) expresses her concerns that he may have been killed in prison, is she right to think about that?

Meanwhile, when they are ordered to execute an armed robbery to repay a debt that Tane (Ethan Browne) owes to some brutal rivals, the Parata family faces danger of their own.

The stakes for Tane and his loved ones are high, but as he continues to grow closer to Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman), his romantic life is looking brighter. Is Ziggy able to move on from Dean Thompson, her ex-boyfriend (Patrick O’Connor)?

Martha Stewart (Belinda Giblin) has a major new storyline elsewhere in Summer Bay after trusting Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) about how she has a secret son that Alf knows nothing about.

After the arrival of her son in the Bay, how will Martha’s marriage to Alf (Ray Meagher) be affected?

With the ominous warning: “Any day could be their last the promo also suggests how serious some of the upcoming risk is.

This trailer was published by Home and Away bosses to promote the show’s final week on air in Australia ahead of the season finale.

These scenes are set to air in early 2021 for UK viewers on Channel 5.


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