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Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou responds to on-screen brother’s return


Ada Nicodemou has spoken out about her views about her on-screen brother Dimitri Poulos’ dramatic homecoming, thanking him for providing “such an exciting dynamic” on the soap.

Ada’s character Leah Patterson-Baker was recently seen seeing her brother Dimitri in the city, before Dimitri unexpectedly showed up in Summer Bay looking for his son, Theo (Matt Evans).

Next week, UK viewers will witness Dimitri’s return on film, when he comes in the Bay and demands that Theo, who has been staying with his aunt Leah for months, return home with him.

Inside Soap reports that Ada’s character is “startled” when Dimitri shows up unexpectedly, but that his appearance gives her hope that he and Theo will heal their relationship.


“Dimitri had previously stated that he did not want anything to do with his son!” she exclaimed. “However, I believe Leah is hopeful that they can work it out with Theo in the long term.”

Unfortunately, Leah is unaware that Dimitri has been physically abusive to Theo, as Theo has only told John Palmer (Shane Withington) about his domestic trauma.

When Leah witnesses Theo and Dimitri fighting, she is taken aback – and even more so when Dimitri turns on her, accusing her of driving away his recently divorced wife, Cassandra.

“Dimitri’s behaviour has stunned Leah,” Ada added. “And then there’s the way he’s treating Theo.” She’s stunned since it appears to be pretty aggressive.”


Although Leah has wished for Dimitri and Theo to reconnect, she is likely to change her mind if she learns of Dimitri’s violent behaviour toward Theo.

“I believe she’d be shocked, indignant, and incredibly sad for Theo,” Leah predicted of her character’s reaction to the truth.

“She’d also feel bad about not seeing it and not being able to stop it.” But, of course, Leah would take Theo under her wing – he’s family, and all she wants to do is look after him.”

With Dimitri’s reappearance, actor Salvatore Coco has returned to reprise his role as Dimitri after a 17-year break. Ada also expressed her delight at seeing her old co-star back on set.


She said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Sal!” “Dimitri’s character has given Matt with such a fascinating dynamic, and the tale is fantastic.” We also haven’t seen Leah’s relatives in a long time.

“Even if this plot is challenging, it’s fantastic – and it’s wonderful to have a new dynamic on the programme.”

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