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Home and Away – when will Chloe Anderson be caught out?


Chloe Anderson’s behaviour has taken a disturbing turn in recent episodes of Home and Away airing in the United Kingdom.

As she mourns the untimely loss of her stepfather Ari Parata, Chloe has begun to manipulate others around her.

While Chloe’s friends and family are aware that she isn’t herself, they are unaware of the extent to which she has deceived them.

How much longer can Chloe keep everyone guessing? This is everything we know right now.


So far, the story

Chloe is hooked on her friendship with Bella Nixon in the current episodes of Home and Away, which air on Channel 5.

Chloe has wanted to spend every second she can with Bella after Ari’s death, believing that she is the only person who understands what she is going through.

Chloe has avoided spending time at home with her bereaved mother Mia because she finds it very painful to be near her.

Bella’s lover Nikau has been the most affected by her actions. Chloe has made it her mission to cause a breach between Bella and Nikau, fueled by envy, but her efforts have largely failed.


Late last month, Chloe attempted to deflect attention away from her own grief over Ari by implying that Nikau was the one who should be concerned. To support her argument, Chloe propagated fake rumours about Nikau’s alleged troubling behaviour.

When Nikau’s Taiaha — a traditional Mori weapon – inexplicably disappeared from the Parata house, he became suspicious. This happened shortly after Chloe got envious of Bella’s continued support of Nikau’s Taiaha warrior training.

Chloe was accused by Nikau of stealing and concealing the Taiaha. His misgivings were only confirmed when Chloe “discovered” it in the family bathroom, alleging that Nikau had misplaced it.

Chloe has recently sought solace by sleeping with Theo Poulos. Despite their true connection, she then appealed for sympathy with Bella by falsely claiming that sleeping with Theo was a huge mistake.


When Chloe abruptly ended their possible relationship, Theo was perplexed. Chloe realised she couldn’t pursue her relationship with Theo while still manipulating Bella.

When is Chloe Anderson going to be discovered?

While UK viewers are still waiting for Chloe’s lie to be revealed, Australian viewers have already seen the big reveal.

As Mia Anderson’s leaving plotline airs, the storyline reaches its first major turning point.

Following Ari’s death, Mia and Chloe realise it’s best for them to remain apart and deal with their loss separately in upcoming Channel 5 scenes.

As a result, Mia decides to leave Summer Bay permanently and travel to New Zealand to visit Ari’s other relatives.

Chloe feels liberated now that her mother is gone, and she realises she no longer needs to manipulate her family and friends.


Chloe vows to make a fresh start and stop playing games in her diary, which contains the specifics of her recent schemes.

Unfortunately, writing down her manipulation has unexpected consequences for Chloe when Nikau comes upon her diary and reads a few chapters.

Chloe has been viciously pursuing Nikau in an attempt to provoke friction between him and Bella, which has shocked Nikau.

This leads to a massive brawl at Ryder Jackson’s farewell party, when Nikau confronts Chloe about her behaviour.

Following the incident, Bella begs Nikau to give Chloe another chance, pointing out that her sadness was causing her to act out of character. Nikau is hesitant to be so generous.

These dramatic moments first aired in Australia earlier this month, and they will air on Channel 5 in the UK on Tuesday, June 14 and Wednesday, June 15.

Fortunately for Chloe, not everyone is against her, as she grows closer to Theo, who is much more forgiving and hopeful that they may still be friends.

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