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Home and Away spoilers: Will Mackenzie let Felicity go to prison instead of her for Salt’s illegal poker nights?


This week on Home and Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) discovers that PK’s (Ryan Johnson) blood was on the wrench that was found in Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) car and issues a warrant for Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) arrest.

Dean, however, isn’t there since he’s at an abandoned house questioning a kidnapped Nathan in an effort to persuade PK’s buddy to confess to the killing so that he can get away with it.

When the truth is revealed and Nathan (Ryan Panizza) sits in the police questioning room, he discusses his reasons for the murder but while he does so, he admits that he was attempting to defend Mackenzie (Emily Weir) from PK.

Cash wonders how PK knows Mackenzie and expresses confusion. Why did she owe him money?


Nathan hesitantly reveals the shocking news that Salt has been running illegal poker events for some time. Cash is shocked and wants Nathan to reveal who was in charge of planning them.

Cash reminds Nathan that if he cooperates with interrogation, the prosecution will be more forgiving.

When Nathan delivers a gut-punch, Cash almost regrets his request for further details. Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), his own sister, was in control of the proceedings.

At home, Felicity and Tane (Ethan Browne) are making love when Cash knocks on the door and interrupts them. Felicity believes he is joking when he tells her she is being arrested, but then he admits that he is aware of the poker nights.


Tane watches helplessly as a horrified Felicity is handcuffed and taken away. Cash asks her at the station to identify any other parties involved, but Felicity refuses to blame her buddy. She instead requests a lawyer.

Mackenzie is delighted to learn that Nathan has admitted to the murder while she is still in Salt, but when Tane shows up, he informs her that Felicity has been taken into custody.

He orders Mackenzie to go confess, but she makes an excuse and loads her car with baggage instead. Will Mackenzie flee the Bay and allow her friend to bear the blame?

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