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Home and Away Spoilers – how is Tex sinister related to the Paratas?


This week on Australia’s Home and Away, Tex’s nefarious connection to the Parata family is uncovered, putting Tane and Chloe both in jeopardy.

Since his arrival in Summer Bay a month ago, Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan) has been a hero in shining armour, but thus far we know very little about him.

Tex responded to Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) ad for a handyman to assist with running the bait shop and campground while Alf (Ray Meagher) joined Roo (Georgie Parker) and Martha (Belinda Giblin) in Merimbula while they recovered from their recent kidney transplant. Marilyn had been left in charge of running the businesses.

Maz has occasionally had to give Tex the boot because of his seeming lack of work ethic, but she has finally been impressed by his craftsmanship, which has, so far, all been taking place off-screen.


We had only really seen Tex while he was chasing after Rose Delaney, a neighbourhood cop, played by Kirsty Marillier, outside the surf club.

She originally refused his offer of a drink when he subsequently made it, but after running into him again, she agreed to meet that night at Salt.

Rose had hoped that seeing Tex would help her move on after realising that she was in love with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), her step-boyfriend sister’s no less. However, her excessive PDA with Tex during a family meal with Cash and Xander (Luke Van Os) didn’t help matters.

Tex knew Rose was using him at the lunch, but he didn’t care and agreed to leave town with her for a few days so she could get her bearings.


Tex had made the decision to visit the gym in the interim, and after speaking with Tane (Ethan Browne), he discovered that his late brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and his wife Mia had owned it. However, Tane’s fiancée Felicity’s entrance cut off the chat (Jacqui Purivs).

Marilyn was at a loss for words when Roo arrived from Merimbula early since she had promised Tex a month’s worth of work.

Roo consented to speak with him, but it seems that Tex anticipated this and used his charm to convince Roo that the job had been beneficial for him and had helped him get back on his feet. Tex flashed her a charming smile, but Roo didn’t have the heart to let him go, so she and Marilyn set to work making a list of duties for Tex to take on.

This last week, it became apparent that Tex was in Summer Bay for a secret purpose that might be evil.


Returning to the gym, Tex enters the office and begins looking through some of the papers until he notices the image Tane had earlier shown him of Ari and Mia.

In the preview for Monday’s episode, we see Tex arrive at a biker gang hangout, where he obviously feels at home, as we hear Rose tell a worried Xander that Tex makes her happy.

One of the other bikers verifies that Ari is the man they were looking for after seeing the photo that Tex had swiped.

Tex reveals that he also dates the local police officer, which will be useful once his interest is revealed.

They’re going to get the money back that Ari took from them, according to Tex’s pal!

It’s no secret that before moving to Summer Bay, Ari had served ten years in prison for armed robbery.


When he and Mia were considering their options for purchasing the gym, Mia made the decision to use the heist proceeds that had been stashed away in a safe for the previous ten years.

Ari first resisted utilising it because he had moved on from that life. However, he grudgingly decided to launder the money with Tane’s help since he thought it would give them an excellent foundation for starting their planned adoption.

Coincidentally, Ari’s stepdaughter Chloe (Sam Barrett), who took over the gym’s accounting and questioned how Ari and Mia had managed to afford to acquire it in the first place, recently learnt about the shady money herself.

Whether Ari is alive or dead, it seems the bikie group is committed to obtaining it.

When the image subsequently appears on his car with the foreboding statement, “Your brother stole our money,” Tane becomes worried. We desire its return.

Ethan explained to Yahoo Lifestyle that the man was “a little puzzled and a little rattled.” He doesn’t want to draw premature conclusions, but he isn’t sure what it implies.

When Tane agrees to meet the gang alone, they toss him into the back of a van with a bag over his head. What is Tane getting into?

As if that weren’t enough, after finding out that Chloe is Ari’s stepdaughter, Tex turns his focus to her. He keeps her under careful observation and quickly discovers her residence and place of employment.

Tane’s family means the world to him. Ethan continued. “Family and taking care of them are fundamental to his values and needs, thus he will go to any lengths to defend them. even if doing so puts him in grave peril.

Are Ari’s misdeeds going to be paid for by Tane and Chloe?

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