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Home and Away spoilers: Justin and Leah on the rocks after he lies about her to Chloe?


Theo (Matt Evans) and Chloe (Sam Barrett) are happy that their relationship is going well, but Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) have little personal space because the young pair is constantly hanging out at their house.

They ponder how to politely inform the new couple that they need space as they start to seriously wonder whether Chloe moved in without notifying them.

They plan to tell Chloe and Theo about it, but just then, they return home with gifts. Leah and Justin are forced into a corner by Chloe’s generosity when she offers to make everyone dinner as a token of her appreciation for letting her stay.

Dinner becomes unpleasant, though, when Chloe and Theo start kissing at the table. Justin and Leah start to feel as though they are infringing on their own space.


Leah attempts to bring up the subject of personal space once more, but Chloe cuts her off by noting that the Parata family has been struggling since Ari’s death and that it’s great to be with everyone and feel a feeling of family.

Leah withdraws once more, and Justin starts to question whether there will ever be a suitable time. Later that night, when Chloe enters the shower to find Justin naked, Justin draws a line. This must end right now!

Leah plans a lunch in Salt for the four of them the next day. Leah is still optimistic that they can be more diplomatic whereas Justin believes they need to be direct. Leah starts to introduce the subject when Justin interjects, “Leah doesn’t want Chloe staying at the house all the time.”

How could Leah and Justin be so cruel to Chloe? Theo is incensed as Chloe flees in tears.


But Justin’s troubles are far from over; Leah is enraged with him. When both of them were having difficulties, how could he place the entire blame on her?

The situation has now taken a turn for the worse. What does it imply for the couple’s relationship that despite their ability to work through conflicts thus far, they still have disagreements with one another?

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