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Home and Away spoilers: Will Bella leave the Bay for good as she goes to New York with Emmett?


Bella (Courtney Miller) has continued her TAFE course in photography, while Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) recently secured his dream job as a paid lifeguard. Her afternoon photo shoot is suddenly interrupted by Emmett (Jaime Robbie Reyne), who has just returned from New York! While Bella is overjoyed to see him and Emmett waxes poetic about the Big Apple, Bella is perplexed as to why he has returned to the Bay.

Emmett informs her that he recently secured a project with an independent gallery and that he will require an assistant for three months. Bella might be intrigued. She is shocked, and Emmett advises her to give it some thought because he realises it’s a lot. Bella approaches Nikau to discuss the situation with him, but before they can begin, Nikau notices Emmett and becomes irate. Considering everything that transpired with Sienna (Rose Riley), how could he possibly show his face here once more?

Bella informs Nikau about the job opportunity in New York after reassuring him that Emmett had nothing to do with the commotion. Bella’s claims that it would be a huge deal for her career are not taken seriously by Nikau, who senses that their tranquil paradise in the Bay is being disturbed. Bella is left with the impression that her boyfriend has just dismissed her dreams while he is still preoccupied with his own emotions after he storms out.

Bella informs Emmett that she must reject his offer in order to avoid upsetting Nikau. Emmett is shocked and wonders if Nikau is the issue. Bella argues that they have put a lot of effort into repairing their relationship, but Emmett asserts that Nikau is exactly where he wants to be in life and questions why he won’t encourage Bella to follow suit.


John (Shane Withington), to whom Nikau confides, is oblivious to the drawbacks of Bella’s New York offer. It seems like a once-in-a-lifetime chance! Nikau argues that she will probably never return to the Bay if she departs since it will never be able to compete with the Big Apple. Even if such were the case, John gently points out, would Nikau be able to forgive himself for getting in her way?

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