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Home and Away spoilers: WHY is Kirby worried about Theo?


After her encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), on Home and Away (1:45pm; check our TV Guide for listings), Kirby Aramoana (played by Angelina Thomson) is still perplexed.

When Theo ran upon Valerie Beaumont (Courtney Clarke) and herself on the beach, WHY did he lose it?

Kirby worries that Theo’s loitering about visiting Valerie is diverting him from his obligations to Lyrik.

She makes the decision to speak with him and take matters into her own hands as a result.


However, Kirby doesn’t know that Theo just ingested a party drug that Valerie gave him.

Is that the cause of Theo’s recent unpredictable behaviour?

Theo, meantime, has subsided after being anxious over his TAFE course results.

Theo and Valerie take pleasure in losing themselves in one other’s company and dancing long into the night, putting their problems behind them.


Later on in the evening, Valerie and Theo share a kiss as they get into bed!

Juliet Godwin’s character Bree Cameron returned to the Bay after spending some time with her family.

She is shocked to learn that Remi Carter (Adam Rowland), her boyfriend, has left the hospital and returned home.

How come he didn’t inform her?


Remi acknowledges that while she was with her family, he didn’t want to bother her.

However, something is off…

Bree seems tense and ready to snap.

Remi is devastated to learn the horrific truth about her father’s severe brain injury following an accident from Bree.

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