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Neighbours reveals emotional struggle for Hendrix Greyson after worrying diagnosis


The Rodwell family will eventually move to Ramsay Street next week, causing Hendrix Greyson to suffer.

Hendrix will be devastated when he learns he is very ill in an upsetting new plotline that premieres this Thursday.

When Hendrix gets tests done to discover if his recent coughing episodes were caused by something dangerous, the results reveal that he has sarcoidosis, an inflammatory condition that has attacked his lungs.

In Hendrix’s situation, this has progressed to the point where he has pulmonary fibrosis, and his only choice is a lung transplant.


His involvement in the recent fire at Erinsborough High, which was sparked by Sadie Rodwell and her friend Aubrey Laing, has triggered Hendrix’s health problem.

When his girlfriend Mackenzie Hargreaves was trapped in a burning building a few weeks ago, Hendrix valiantly rescued her.

Hendrix is irritated by the Rodwells’ move onto Ramsay Street in the coming episodes, believing that their presence would serve as a continual reminder of his health crisis.

Hendrix tries to seek comfort from his loved ones, but his worst fears are realised as Wendy Rodwell appears to be everywhere, making him feel even worse.


Mackenzie, Karl, and Susan Kennedy join forces to divert Hendrix’s attention away from the Rodwells, who appear to be triggering him.

Zara Selwyn takes measures to mend fences with Sadie and tries to get Hendrix to do the same, but she learns of his illness in the process.

Hendrix asks Zara to keep silent, putting her in the difficult position of having to maintain his secret.

Meanwhile, Wendy tries to reassure her family that, despite Sadie’s troubled past, they will be welcomed onto Ramsay Street.


Wendy makes an effort by organising a neighbourhood BBQ, but will it be enough?

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