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Home and Away Spoilers – Theo faces a Parata initiation


Leah and Justin are at odds on the upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK, while Theo is given an exciting welcome at his first Parata barbecue.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) would be unhappy with Justin (James Stewart) the next week in Summer Bay since he threw her under the bus during a conversation with Chloe (Sam Barrett).

The two have been uncomfortable with Chloe spending so much time at their home while romancing Theo (Matt Evans), and things reached a breaking point last week when Chloe walked in on Justin in the shower.

Justin and Leah were left to handle the situation after Theo decided against asking Chloe to leave; nevertheless, Leah was horrified when Justin blatantly stated that she was the one who didn’t want Chloe spending so much time at their house!


The following day, Chloe cancels her shift, leaving Leah scrambling to cover for her. When she gets home, Leah quickly accuses Justin of being to responsible for Chloe’s absence, saying that Chloe was obviously too afraid to be around Leah.

Leah tells Justin that he will be sleeping on the couch tonight, and he tries to make it up to her, but she won’t even look at him.

Justin thinks that Leah is to blame and invites John (Shane Withington) to spend the night at his house rather than being forced to sit on the couch in his own house.

Leah and Justin seem unwilling to compromise, so it appears like Theo and Chloe may have to mediate their differences.


After Theo and Chloe have resolved their individual issues, Chloe recommends that Theo stop by her house instead. However, it is obvious that Theo is hesitant to do so because he has previously shown that he views Tane (Ethan Browne) to be extremely scary.

Chloe determines that the ideal approach to introduce Theo to the broader family would be to host one of the renowned Parata BBQs. Theo agrees, but it’s obvious that he is afraid of the thought!

Chloe encourages Tane and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) to be patient with Theo at the party, but she has no idea that they have their own preparations in place.

When Nik brought a lady home, his late father Mikaere and uncle Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) embarrassed him, thus it’s only fair that Theo would experience the same thing as they owe it to Ari!


Theo is making every effort to strike up a conversation with Tane and Nik, but they are purposefully making it difficult for him. Tane and Nik are struggling to maintain a straight face.

Even after they finally recognise they’re merely annoying him, their strategy is far from finished.

Later, when everyone assembles for a group shot, Nik motions for Theo to take a tiny step back, and when he does, Tane shoves him hard into the water!

Theo accepts the joke with grace, and Chloe gets to experience her own Mr. Darcy moment… Is Theo a Paratas baptism of fire victor?

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