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Former Home and Away star Tai Hara chats fatherhood, Hollywood and why he wants to laugh more this year


Just for the chuckles, Tai Hara considers his work on the Australian sitcom Colin From Accounts to be a highlight of his career.

Tai, 34, tells TV WEEK, “I’ve got to tell you, most days it was just tears and laughter as soon as ‘cut’ was called on set.”

“I believe that Harry [Harriet Dyer] and Pat [Patrick Brammall] have written such a wonderful show that is heartfelt, funny, and quirky.”

Tai claims he “completely fell in love with it” when he first saw the script for season one back in 2021. And then his affection for the show only grew, both as a fan and as the production moved from table reads to actual shooting.


One of the best parts, according to Tai, was definitely being able to relax and watch it.

“After [season one] came out, [my wife] Fely [Irvine and I binge-watched it, and I think I laughed even more.” Seeing the show perform to such a high standard was very delightful.

Given how well-received the first season had been, the actor, who is back for season two as James, the toxic ex-boyfriend of Harriet’s character Ashley, says there was “such a buzz around set.”

“I believe that everyone is incredibly grateful to be able to pursue their passions,” he continues. However, all you want to do is return and work with everyone a little bit more when you have such a lovely [work] family. So, getting the chance to return was truly a treat.


Tai says he is also working on his own work and mentions how much he is inspired by Harriet and Patrick, the authors of the series.

He says, “I work with a writing partner, and we have quite a few different ideas in development—some further along than others.” They have been concentrating on one genre in particular, comedy, which he says thrills him and he wants to continue working on it for as long as possible.

Although Tai acknowledges that being an actor, creating his own projects, and raising his three-year-old daughter Chi and one-year-old son Soleil is a “huge undertaking,” he attributes his success to his seven-year marriage to former Hi-5 member Fely.

To be honest, he says, “It’s been the most beautiful, fulfilling, rewarding thing.” “I consider it a great blessing that Fely and I are both artists. We understand each other’s worlds because we are both creative, but we also enthusiastically support one another.


“And to be honest, I believe it just makes the kids’ life better—the people they spend so much time with, the locations we get to see. I’m just immensely appreciative of the life we can provide them.

Tai says he still hopes to pursue acting in Hollywood and would love to be cast in the Emmy-winning HBO drama White Lotus. However, he hasn’t ruled out returning to the program that started it all, Home And Away, in addition to his already packed schedule.

He responds, “I’d never say never.” “My experience on the show will always hold such wonderful memories for me. Such a dream that was.

“I used to always take that in when I was on the show. It’s such a great job, I would just put my feet in the sand, close my eyes, and pinch myself.

It’s so legendary and has started so many careers. And the group of friends you have will always be there. It really is something that never really ends.

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