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Home and Away Spoilers – Mali and Rose rocked by cheating scandal


This week on Australian television, Mali’s cheating suspicions are raised as someone destroys the farmhouse and writes a menacing note.

Even though Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) have only known each other for a few short months, their relationship has already experienced more ups and downs than Alf’s blood pressure.

Their most recent setback occurred last week when Rose asked her brother Xander (Luke Van Os) for assistance in devising a plan to salvage Mali’s board business. The shop is still operational, but Mali’s primary source of revenue comes from the surfing lessons he offers, which he hasn’t been able to continue giving because of a ruptured eardrum.

Later that night, when the three of them got together with Mackenzie (Emily Weir), Xander had the notion that he and Mac could take over the classes.


They held their first session the following day, and Mali was thrilled with how well it went. He instantly told Rose that he loved her after thanking her for her help and went over to speak with Xander.

Rose was surprised because it was the first time he had expressed his feelings for her and because of how casually he had stated it.

He probably informed chicken burgers that he now loves them even more passionately. Later, Rose downloaded to Xander and told him. It was up to Xander to warn Mali of his error when he sensed anything was amiss while Rose continued to avoid Mali for the remainder of the day and sought additional guidance from Irene (Lynne McGranger).

He apologised and explained to Rose that he wasn’t thinking when Mali subsequently caught up with her. Rose explained that she was in shock at the moment, notwithstanding his observation that she didn’t respond to him.


Mali then advised that he retract his statement so that they could both act as though it never took place. Rose chuckled and nodded in agreement, but we couldn’t help but sense sadness in her response.

Irene pointed out that reality sometimes falls short of expectations, but as Rose described to her, saying “I love you” should be a very unique occasion. Rose is aware that if his gesture had been more significant, she would have been able to respond.

According to TV Week, Rose chooses to take the initiative this week with some help from Mac.

Rose takes the evening off from work and travels to the farmhouse where she makes Mali a special candle-lit meal.


However, they are stunned to see how destroyed the house is when she subsequently drags a blindfolded Mali inside!

Dinner has been spilt all over the floor, and the tablecloth has been spray-painted with the foreboding warning, “Stay away from my wife.”

Mali and Rose are both perplexed, but soon Rose starts pressing Mali for clarification. Who is this wife he’s allegedly been having an affair with?

Rose’s head is whirling from this bizarre occurrence, but she quickly switches back into police officer mentality as she returns to work to report the crime. Mali professes to know nothing.

Mali is furious that Rose would even consider confronting him for cheating on her when she summons him in for a grilling.

Mali is left to vent to Xander about his frustrations while Rose is preoccupied with conducting a thorough enquiry. Something happens to throw the cat among the pigeons just when he and Rose appear to be in a good position.


Mali wonders if fate is trying to tell them something despite Xander’s remark that his sister sometimes makes rash decisions. He and Rose might not be meant to be together, after all.

We have our own hunch about what the message on the tablecloth might mean—and while we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out this week, we feel that it could just be a case of mistaken identification.

Recall that last week, while assisting Mali in teaching a group of kids to surf, an impressed mother asked Xander if he would think about giving her son an individual lesson.

But when Xander later met the two, it was clear to him that the woman was more focused on attempting to have a date with him than she was on her son’s lesson.

The question “What did you say?” As Xander told her about the encounter, Mackenzie made fun of him. Did you say, “Sorry, but that will cost more?”

Xander didn’t respond to Mac with any respect, but it was obvious that he wasn’t going there.

Could this unidentified woman’s husband have somehow learned about her attempt to flirt with the instructor at Mantaray Boards… and as a result pursued Mali in a jealous rage?

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