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Home and Away spoilers: Leah asks Valerie to move in!


Ada Nicodemou’s character Leah Patterson has made the decision to return to the Morgan residence on Home and Away (1:45 p.m.; check our TV Guide for listings).

After coming back from the city’s Mental Health Unit, Leah made the decision to remain at the Stewart residence and maintain her distance from her boyfriend, Justin Morgan (James Stewart).

Leah continues to fear that she will experience another mental health episode and injure Justin and her nephew Theo Poulos (Matt Evans).

Leah finds it difficult to acclimatise to living in the same house where she had numerous nightmares about the violent doomsday cult, Vita Nova, after returning.


Thus, she confides in Valerie Beaumont (Courtney Clarke), her visiting friend and Leah’s roommate at the Mental Health Unit.

In order to help Leah feel more at ease, Valerie offers to move into the house.

Justin, though, isn’t very happy about this news.

He’s not exactly excited about having an almost stranger live with him.


But after seeing how important it is to Leah, Justin walks Valerie down the shore in an effort to get to know her better.

Sadly, when Justin inquires about Valerie’s path to the Clinic, he makes the MISTAKE and sets Valerie off.

Unintentionally cutting short a fight between housemates Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) and Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling), is Tane Parata (Ethan Browne).

After all, Mackenzie can’t avoid telling Tane about her continued liaison with married guy Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey).


When Tane SNAPS and asks Mackenzie whether she truly wants to be with a person who is delighted to cheat on his wife, she is left stunned.

But sometimes, the reality stings!

But Tane seems to be thinking on more than just the Mackenzie and Levi news.

It appears that Tane is going to make a HUGE statement when he is deep in contemplation.

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