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Home and Away confirms return for Matt Little as VJ Patterson


VJ Patterson is returning to Summer Bay, as his mother Leah gets ready to wed Justin Morgan, according to Home and Away.

For Leah and Justin’s wedding scenes, actor Matt Little, who was last spotted in the Bay in 2017 when he escaped to Cyprus with his late wife Billie’s baby, Luc, is repeating his role as VJ.

VJ is seen escorting a beaming Leah down the aisle towards Justin in a recent promotional video that offers an exclusive glimpse at Leah and Justin’s enchanting wedding. This film was broadcast in Australia and verifies his reappearance.

Given that she is shown grinning during the ceremony, the video also verifies that Penny McNamee’s character, Justin’s sister Tori, will be present on the big day. In 2021, Tori left to start a new life with her daughter Grace and husband Christian Green.


Before flashbacks of Leah and Justin’s romance play, the romantic teaser shows a glimpse of Leah grinning as she is driven to the ceremony in her wedding car and escorted out by Alf Stewart.

Leah’s nephew Theo Poulos is seen riding with Justin, who is waiting for her to come. Justin is dressed in a white tux. Additionally, the couple is seen renewing vows in front of tearful family and friends.

The day that Leah and Justin will finally celebrate has been a long time coming. The couple just got through a very trying moment in their relationship when Leah had a nervous breakdown due to the horrific event of being abducted by the cult Vita Nova.

Leah chose to stay away from Justin as she healed after checking herself into a clinic. Leah eventually told Justin that she was prepared to become his wife after being persuaded to give their relationship another go by her new friend Valerie Beaumont.


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