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Home and Away spoiler: Eden gives her statement


Following the enigmatic tip, Cash informs John and Roo that his investigation has come to a standstill. He assures them that there is nothing to be concerned about and that the source is reliable.

But as Cash turns to go, John and Roo exchange glances and realise that they don’t believe a word he says. There is an ongoing matter beneath their notice.

Eden and Remi are still at odds over the victim impact statements in the meanwhile. Remi experiences a flashback to the same moment of his accident because he is so stressed up. Eden, though, refuses to back down and maintains that she wants to assist Mickey.

When Cash realises that the argument isn’t going anywhere, he steps in and supports Eden. In the end, he reminds Remi, it’s her tale, and she has every right to tell it, just like he does.


Eden then records her statement, saying that although she isn’t generally forgiving, she wants the magistrate to consider Mickey’s sacrifice for them in the hopes that he will one day change his ways. After hearing this, Remi changes his mind and decides he won’t obstruct her if Eden is right in what he believes.

In another scene, when Levi had an odd outburst at losing Eden, Mackenzie and Levi confide in one another. In contrast to Levi, Mackenzie acknowledges that she never quite moved past her father’s numerous betrayals of her mother.

Levi, on the other hand, believes that since the world is such a challenging place, he wanted to try being a little forgiving of his dad’s shortcomings. He’s beginning to realise the suffering his father brought about, though, and he still owes them. The couple is still undecided about keeping their relationship a secret despite these admissions.

Mackenzie texts Levi later at work, letting him know she’s already missing him. “Please don’t text me when I’m with my wife” is the response to this. Feeling hurt, Mackenzie is unsure about what to do.


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