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Home and Away spoilers: Justin drowns after shocking surfing trip?


After Susie (Bridie Carter) swept into the Bay and stole thousands of dollars from its inhabitants, Justin (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) are among the hardest hit, having lost their entire life savings to the con artist.

In the days following Susie’s disappearance, the two struggle when it becomes apparent that they have completely different coping strategies.

While Justin is preoccupied with speaking with the police and retrieving their losses, he is irritated to discover Leah at the Surf Club, where she is diverting her attention by assisting the Surf Club with sponsorship problems. He inquires as to why her interests seem to be so jumbled, and the two have a public spat, which Roo witnesses (Georgie Parker).

As Roo meets up with Justin, she wants to justify how they’re dealing with things differently, but Justin makes it clear that Leah needs to think more strategically.


When Leah returns home, however, they talk it out and realise how much they need each other during this trying period.

When the two go to Salt and John (Shane Withington) comes in after them, their truce is short-lived. Justin can’t help himself and threatens John, accusing him of being the cause of everything. He storms out of Salt, and Leah chases after him, resulting in yet another battle.

Justin’s rage reaches a peak when Leah snaps and reveals she hates Justin just as much as he blames her.

With Leah close behind, he sprints out to the ocean with his surfboard. However, a rogue wave slams into him, knocking him unconscious. Leah realises something is terribly wrong when he doesn’t appear…


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