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Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy packs her bags after Dean’s River Boy drama


Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Dean taking matters into his own hands proves to be too much for Ziggy, while Cash is forced to arrest his own sister.

As he risks being charged with PK’s death, Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) is compelled to take desperate measures to defend his identity this week (Ryan Johnson).

Two weeks ago, when PK’s body was discovered on the beach, all eyes were on Dean because he was last seen arguing with PK after PK threatened Dean’s kid Jai (River Jarvis).

Later, we learned that Dean had assigned River Boys Nugget (Yure Covich) and Red (Luke Chiswell) to find PK, and that was where we last saw the shady businessman before he was tied up in the trunk of their vehicle.


When Dean subsequently returned home with bloodied knuckles and wouldn’t discuss what had happened other than to say he’d “resolved” it, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) became concerned.

It didn’t take long for word of Dean and PK’s altercation to reach the police, and when they learned that Dean and Ziggy had given bogus justifications, they promptly issued a search warrant. which revealed a blood-stained wrench in Ziggy’s car’s trunk!

It wasn’t looking good for Dean, but PK’s associate Nathan (Ryan Panizza), who had earlier that day hidden the wrench in the car, had actually set him up.

This week, Dean keeps Ziggy in the dark while he assigns Nugget and Red to find Nathan since he believes he must be the culprit.


Eventually, at Bella’s departure party, Dean receives a call from Nugget, and the following day he vanishes, leaving only a letter for Ziggy urging her not to worry.

Eventually, Ziggy gets through to Dean as he and Nugget enter a dilapidated home, telling her that he is doing this to save his own skin because if he doesn’t, he would be sent back to prison.

Red has Nathan restrained to a chair inside.

Nathan claims ignorance but is evasive, and Dean is not persuaded. Nathan maintains that during the dispute Dean saw between them, PK was trying to persuade Nathan to stop manipulating Mackenzie (Emily Weir), just as he had done to him. Nathan acknowledges that PK was making his life miserable.


Back at the farmhouse, Ziggy welcomes Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and a number of other cops inside. Now that the forensics on the wrench have returned with the confirmation that the blood was PK’s, a warrant for Dean’s arrest has been issued.

There is a huge ruckus before Nathan sprints out of the house as Dean leaves the house to try to reassure a terrified Ziggy on the phone. after slamming a bottle over Nugget’s head.

As Nathan flees for his life and dives into a paddock filled with abandoned trucks, Dean and the guys pursue him.

Nathan is quickly located by Dean, who pulls him back inside and cautions him that they won’t leave until the truth is exposed.

When Dean subsequently walks into the police station holding Nathan by the neck and informing Cash that he has finished his job for him, Cash is astounded.

When Dean commands Nathan to talk, he confesses to killing PK and accusing Dean of doing it.


Dean is happy as he rushes back to the farmhouse, expecting Ziggy to be over the moon now that his nightmare is finally over. However, he discovers her packing a bag instead.

Ziggy reveals that she is leaving for a few days because she is tired of Dean’s secrecy and his reliance on the River Boys every time he has problems, especially since he now has to worry about her and Jai.

She sobs, “I love you too much to wait here and wait for the day that you don’t come home.”

Has Dean’s pursuit of justice cost him Ziggy?

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