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Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart’s love-life is the talk of the town – and Summer Bay


They have been seen introducing their children, Jonas, 11, and Scout, 12, to one another while on a lovely family outing in Sydney’s Luna Park, taking their budding romance to the next level.

Ada Nicodemou and James Stewart, however, are reportedly falling in love joyfully, but the Summer Bay cast is reportedly shocked to hear of their relationship.

An insider claims that everyone is talking about it and that coworkers are concerned that the couple’s relationship would end badly for both the TV show and the pair!

“That Ada has fallen in love with James surprises the cast. When he originally appeared on the show in 2016, she was opposed to him even joining Home And Away, but she has now made a complete 180-degree turn. The Australian actress is turning 47 this week. A close friend of hers exclusively tells Woman’s Day that “she’s insisting to everyone that he’s not the guy she thought he once was and that he’s really changed.”


Ada and James were spotted cuddling on Anzac Day, and pals disclosed that they had been discreetly dating since they fell in love while portraying married couple on Home and Away.

Ada had been cautioned by some of the long-running cast members to steer clear of James, 48, who has a history of courting his co-stars. James met and dated both Isabella Giovinazzo and Sarah Roberts during their time on the venerable soap opera.

Although James has stayed a constant fixture on the show over the years, Summer Bay lost Sarah and Isabella when their romances ended.

Our source said that although Ada’s castmates Ray Meagher, Emily Symons, and Lynne McGranger have been friends for a long time, they are protective of the single mother-of-one and are hesitant to get too caught up in the turmoil.


“The majority of people only care about Ada. The source continues, “Ray and Lynne will be keeping their heads down and aren’t the type of people to get involved in someone else’s business, but they will have raised their concerns with her.”

The buddy goes on to say that everyone has been taken aback by the revelation that Ada and James’ 39-year-old ex-wife Sarah were close friends during their time as series stars.

“When Sarah appeared on Home and Away, she had a dressing room with Ada, and they were very close friends. Ada was well aware of the highs and lows that Sarah and James went through during their relationship—everyone was—which is why it’s even more unusual that Ada would desire to date James.

Sarah courageously came clean last month in an interview with The Daily Telegraph about her and James’s covert divorce. Rumors of their breakup began to spread after they were spotted out together without their wedding bands.


She alluded to the fact that she couldn’t “grow” in the marriage in the interview, and insiders confirmed that she “lost” herself in the union.

Even if everything between Ada and James works out, everyone else on set will be privy to their connection, which may make for an unpleasant situation at best and, at worst, the messiest breakup in soap opera history!

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