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Home and Away discovery as Justin catches out Theo



Following are spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away.

On UK television the next week, Home and Away’s Justin Morgan learns about Theo Poulos’ covert romance with Kirby Aramoana.

Theo and Kirby have been keeping their relationship under wraps in recent Channel 5 shows out of respect for their fellow Lyrik band members.

Remi Carter and Eden Fowler were quick to establish a rule prohibiting hookups inside the group when chemistry initially started to emerge between Theo and Kirby a few weeks ago.


This was partially due to conflicts within the band brought on by Kirby’s prior connection with lead singer Bob Forsyth, which recently led to Bob’s departure.

Kirby would continue to have doubts about the covert romance in the UK episodes airing the following week.

For Lyrik’s sake, Kirby informs Theo that they need to establish some ground rules for their covert connection.

Among them is hiding their emotions in front of others, regardless how much they enjoy being passionate in private.


Theo and Kirby are found in a lewd posture in the living room when Justin gets home, which unfortunately puts a stop to their plans.

Theo and Kirby explain the stringent Lyrik laws to Justin after he asks them why they are sneaking about.

Though he also advises the young pair to keep their romance in the bedroom moving forward, Justin makes a pledge to keep their relationship a secret, even from Theo’s aunt Leah Patterson.

Later, Kirby and Theo are clearly a good match for one another on stage during their most recent performance at Salt.


Justin observes them and suggests that since their attraction is so obvious, it might be wise to take a break.

Kirby and Theo once more concur to exercise greater caution, realising that if Eden and Remi ever learn the truth, a gap will appear within Lyrik. But how long can they actually continue like this?

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