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Home and Away Spoilers – Dean enlists Ryder to spy on Mackenzie


After Ziggy is recruited in to help, Dean eventually discovers the truth about Mackenzie’s ‘secret gatherings’ at Salt next week on Home and Away in the UK…

It was only supposed to be a one-time deal to assist Mackenzie (Emily Weir) pay off some of Salt’s business debts, but temptation gets the best of the restaurant owner this week when she hosts her second illegal poker night.

The first event, which was suggested by employee Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), was a big success.

Mac’s second-in-command, Ryder (Lukas Radovich), was especially eager for another evening to happen—not only because he found it thrilling, but also because they only needed four more to put Salt back in the black.


That was enough to persuade Mac to give it a shot.


Apart from Flick’s carefully chosen guests, the three coworkers and Flick’s lover Tane are the only ones who know the truth about Salt’s special event (Ethan Browne).

While Mac’s brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is aware of her debt troubles, she has kept quiet about the poker night, knowing that he would not approve.

Logan (Harley Bonner), Mac’s boyfriend, has been blissfully unconscious of anything. When a debt collector showed up on his and Mac’s doorstep, he almost found the truth, but Mac quickly covered it up, blaming it on a mixup with a direct debit for her auto payments.


While Dean believes Mac should tell Logan the truth about her debt, she does not want to burden him or, worse, have Logan provide financial assistance.

Logan became sceptical of all the hushed chats and not-so-subtle note passing that was going on around him, as Ryder was eager to discuss ideas for the second poker night with Mac.

Mac had no choice but to think on her feet and announce that she was planning a surprise for him.

While ignorant of the entire scope of Mac’s deception, Dean and his girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) have found themselves supporting her in her cover-up.


When Mac was confronted with the task of surprising Logan with a surprise she hadn’t planned, Ziggy generously gave her and Dean’s coupon for a vacation to the Hunter Valley, which was gratefully welcomed.

When Mac rushes Logan out of Salt so she and Flick can organise the second poker night, slated to take place that very evening, Dean and Ziggy are forced to play ignorance once more.

Logan is perplexed as to why Mac is rushing back to work so soon after their trip, especially since she was already acting strange before they left.

He finally admits that he’s overthinking everything, and Dean and Ziggy stand there watching him walk away, remarking that Mac is simply digging herself further into a hole…

As final preparations get underway that evening, both Justin (James Stewart) and John (Shane Withington) notice Ryder walking to work in his finery, there’s no hiding the occasion from the neighbours.

But there’s a last-minute snag when Mac learns from Flick that she won’t be able to attend! Flick feels she needs to spend time with Tane because of the familial troubles he is dealing with right now.


Mac goes to the farmhouse in desperation to beg Ziggy for help with a ‘bucks night’ she’s hosting at Salt that evening, despite Dean’s reservations about Ziggy’s waitressing abilities! On Mac’s suggestion, Ziggy glams herself up, making Dean wonder if he should be concerned.

“Did I mention it’s dollars night?” Mac soon speaks up. “I was referring to hen night!” +

Ziggy is taken aback by the pop-up casino that greets her at Salt, as Mac reveals that she wasn’t completely honest with her.

Dean will go crazy, Ziggy warns her, and she reminds him that she doesn’t hide secrets from him. Mac is compelled to pledge to tell Dean the next day in order to keep Ziggy there.

When Dean and Logan decide to go to Salt together to purchase some beer, things don’t go as planned. Dean continues upstairs to discover Ziggy serving drinks to a flirting poker player, Jack, while Logan is called away to work just as they arrive at the surf club (Barry Conrad).

Dean is upset that Mac could be involved in something so shady, but she points him that it was either this or bankruptcy, so he takes the dispute to the balcony.

Dean urges Mac to keep Ziggy out of any future nefarious acts, but Mac refuses and tells her brother to stay out of her affairs.

While all of the players were on their best behaviour tonight, as Dean later says to Ziggy, he understands how fast things can turn ugly when significant sums of money are involved…

Knowing he can’t simply turn a blind eye, Dean approaches Ryder the next day to enlist him as his Salt mole.

He is to notify him if there is any indication of difficulty.

Ryder is apprehensive about getting on Mac’s bad side, but Dean wonders whether he’d rather be on his bad side… Ryder doesn’t appear to have much of a choice!

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