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Neighbours theory: Harlow Robinson’s exit storyline rumbled as beloved character dies


In recent weeks, Jemma Donovan’s character Harlow has been at the centre of a major narrative on Neighbours, with villain Corey Smythe-Jones (Laurence Boxhall) luring her to join the sinister Restoration Order cult. Despite being drugged by her so-called new buddy, Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) granddaughter will have no idea she is being controlled in upcoming scenes on the Channel 5 soap. As the tensions rise and additional individuals are called in to save her from the enemy, she appears to be caught in the crossfire, with her life hanging in the balance.

Corey will take Harlow to a secluded cottage in next week’s episodes of the weekday serial drama, as he continues to isolate her from her friends and family.

Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) quickly realises what’s going on when she notices Harlow’s cardigan in the car of Corey’s accomplice.

The newbie to Ramsay Street this year arrives at the cottage where her companion is practically high on drugs while she assembles the jigsaw puzzle.


Corey realises Freya has rumbled his plan and aggressively strikes her to keep everything a secret before she can obtain any aid.

He begins focusing his efforts on taking Harlow to a different place after tying up the intruder, who is knocked unconscious.

Freya manages to untangle herself while Corey is out of the way, and she is discovered by her pals David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Levi Canning (Ritchie Morris).

They go off to pursue the villain, hoping to reach Harlow before she is harmed, although not knowing what Corey’s objectives are.


Harlow, on the other hand, appears to not require their assistance, as she manages to remove herself from his grasp and flees.

Unfortunately, Corey escapes as he exits the scene, ensuring that he will not face the consequences of his actions anytime soon.

With the villain waiting in the shadows, he could reappearance at any time to carry out his plan to recruit Harlow to the Restoration Order.

Harlow will be in a better frame of mind the next time they encounter each other, ready to confront Corey about what he did to her.


More dangerous than ever, as he appears to have gone insane, Corey may feel that killing his victim is the only option.

Knowing she would not join the cult of her own volition, he may murder her as their argument heats up, effectively ending her time on the show.

Harlow’s friends and family would lament the loss of the adored character as Corey was ultimately apprehended for his crimes.

In a new trailer published before of the show’s August conclusion, it is hinted that there will be a funeral.

It is unknown who is inside the coffin at this time, although it could be Harlow if Corey exacts lethal vengeance on her.

The quotation “Who leaves forever?” flashes across the pictures of the funeral, implying that a prominent character will die.


With the fact that Jemma, the actress who plays Harlow, has already filmed her final scenes, it’s possible her character will die.

The serial star resorted to Instagram earlier this week to inform her 65,600 fans that she will be leaving before the final episodes.

She stated: “Melbourne, you have my heart. It’s been incredible. Until we meet again.”

The actress is retiring, according to Digital Spy, but the specific date of her final scenes is unknown at this time.

Jemma spoke about her time on the programme and filmed a few scenes in London as part of her character’s current plot earlier this year.

The actress remarked about filming in her hometown, which she will return to after the project is completed: “I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to film in [London] with such a talented cast and to finally visit my family after two years.

“As you might guess, I was ecstatic. It has entertaining tales, and I enjoy being back home. I’m quite appreciative.

“It went off without a hitch. We shot near the Tate Modern as well as the London Eye. I got to do some sightseeing while I was doing it, which I hadn’t done before.

“Because you don’t do those things when you live in London. It was a lot of fun “In an interview with Digital Spy, the actress stated.

Viewers have been discussing Harlow’s fate on Twitter, with Jenny writing: “Neighbours should be interactive because I’d love to tell Harlow that she’s in trouble #Neighbours #UkPace.”

‘Fellow #Neighbours fans: this Harlow storyline is becoming extremely dark, and I’m not sure I have the afternoon stomach for it,’ Sachin added.”

Steve remarked: “Harlow’s return glance at Lassiters is a premonition of her departure from the show and eventual disappearance. #neighbours, one last look back.”

Neighbours airs on Channel 5 weekdays at 1:45pm and 6pm.

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