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Home and Away reveals shock twist over Logan Bennett crash plot


Spoilers for Home and Away are below.

Logan Bennett may not be to blame for Summer Bay’s shocking automobile accident, according to Home and Away.

Logan is being investigated by the police after his vehicle collided with another vehicle on the road a few weeks ago.

Logan and the other driver, Millie, were both unharmed. Millie’s friend Jo, who was in one of the passenger seats, was killed instantly.


Logan must have been speeding, according to the preliminary findings of the local police department’s investigation into the terrible incident.

However, recent Home and Away spoilers have shown that this may not be the complete tale.

Millie confides in newcomer Xander Delaney, who previously assisted with the crash rescue, in the end-of-episode ad after Thursday’s (May 19) triple bill in Australia.

Xander asks Millie to remember what happened on that fateful day in next week’s Australian episodes.


Millie dejectedly assumes that Jo died as a result of her, but she refuses to tell the police.

Millie responds to Xander’s threat to take matters into his own hands by telling the police what he knows: “I’ll inform them that you’ve been bothering me. It’s not like you haven’t done it before.”

Xander’s sister Rose, in a separate scene, alludes to her brother’s unknown background by telling him: “This is not going to happen again. Keep your distance from her.”

Is Logan in danger of being punished for a crime he didn’t commit as he prepares to depart the Bay?


These scenes will air on Channel 5 in late June for Home and Away fans in the UK.

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