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Home and Away reveals shocking final showdown for Cash and Tex


Following Cash’s visit to Tex in jail, Home and Away has depicted a shocking fight between the two.

Viewers witnessed Felicity Cash, Eden Fowler, Justin Morgan, and Leah Patterson involved in a fatal vehicle accident on Felicity’s wedding day last year, which also featured Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan.

Although it was initially believed that the accident was the consequence of poor construction, it was eventually determined that a criminal was responsible.

Working for biker gang member Tex, the thief attempted to kill Cash by cutting the car’s brakes in retaliation for Cash’s earlier self-defense shooting of Marty.


Following the revelation that Cash visited Tex in jail, next week’s spoilers hinted that Tex will get out in order to exact revenge on Cash personally. Will Tex be successful in taking Cash’s life, though?

In following scenes, Cash is kidnapped at Tex’s command and taken to an odd and mysterious place, where his life is on the line.

Tex will hold the local police prisoner at gunpoint during a startling and horrifying final showdown. Cash is left in the unidentified place during what has been called a “brutal final battle,” but will this final confrontation result in his demise?

Fans may also anticipate the birth of Dean and Ziggy’s child as well as a surprise appearance from Dean’s mother Karen (via TV Tonight).


When Ziggy’s waters break and the controlling mother-in-law intervenes, their plan to get rid of their unexpected guest is put on hold. Things appear to be going well when the kid is born, but they soon change for the worst, and the couple will confront a difficult battle.

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