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Home and Away’s Tane regrets new hook-up with Felicity


Next week on UK screens, Tane Parata from Home and Away succumbs to temptation with his estranged wife Felicity Newman.

Harper Matheson, a newcomer to Summer Bay, causes an unpleasant circumstance where Tane and Felicity give in to their impulses.

Dana, Harper’s sister, will constantly wind her up over Tane’s recent attempt to kiss her in upcoming scenes on Channel 5.

Harper begs Dana to shut up and quit making a big deal out of what happened, but Felicity overhears their exchange, so it’s too late.


Harper then approaches Felicity and softens the kiss in an attempt to limit the damage. She states unequivocally that she has no intention of dating Tane.

Harper’s next task is to inform Tane that Felicity is now aware of what transpired.

Tane heads over to Felicity’s apartment to sort things out, bracing himself for unpleasantness. Felicity stops him in his tracks by pointing out that because they are no longer together, Tane owes her no answer.

Tane is taken aback by Felicity’s poised behaviour instead of her outburst. A heated exchange between the ex-couple results in them kissing and running to the bedroom together.


Felicity ventures to believe that their shattered marriage still has hope after having their first sexual encounter with Tane since their breakup.

Tane is making reasons to depart, citing that they have a Surf Club meeting coming up and that he is regretting what happened, which is unfortunate.

While Alf Stewart, Roo Stewart, and John Palmer grudgingly announce a rent increase for all of the building’s company owners, Tane and Felicity sit awkwardly during the Surf Club catch-up.

Tane and Felicity both consent to the rent increase on behalf of the gym and Salt, but they are too preoccupied with their personal drama.


Later on, Tane runs into Felicity once more and expresses his firm opinion that their most recent passionate experience was a mistake.

Tane continues, saying that it must never occur again. He is so eager to move on that he now desires to travel to New Zealand for an extended period of time. Is Tane truly going to abandon Felicity and the Bay?

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