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Home and Away Spoilers Alert: Does Angelo suspect the secret of Colby and Taylor?

For the last few weeks, Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) and Colby (Tim Franklin) have been having an affair right under the nose of Detective Angelo Rosetta (Luke Jacobz) as the murder investigation rumbles on. She does her finest to keep her husband in the dark while Colby obtains details on the case from Taylor.

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She asks how the case is going when Taylor goes to see Angelo and is surprised when Angelo says he’s convinced Colby is guilty. She brings the data back to Colby, who denies it immediately, and Taylor apologises for asking him why he did it. She reassures him that Angelo has no proof to show that Colby has all the answers he wants. Angelo, however, is waiting for him when he returns home the next morning. He wonders where Taylor was, too, and she barely manages to hold it together.

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Angelo becomes suspicious as she defends Colby when Taylor and Angelo go to brunch, calling him a decent guy who’s only looking out for his family. Then Taylor loses data she shouldn’t know as he explains the case a little more. On her side, Taylor quickly transforms her comment into speculation, saying that she was only curious about the case, but it’s obvious that Angelo won’t let it fall. Is he starting to think that he’s hiding something from Taylor?

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