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Exclusive: James Stewart opens up emotionally Justin scenes in his home and away

“Over the complexities of playing Justin Morgan’s latest storyline, Home and Away star James Stewart opened up, describing the plot as” very affecting.
In recent weeks, after being diagnosed with a tumour in his back, Justin has been facing a health crisis. He underwent surgery to remove it, but the episodes on UK screens this week have seen his symptoms starting to come back.
Justin returns to doctor Christian Green (Ditch Davey) for support in next week’s episodes on Channel 5 and is told that his tumour has returned. He then needs to focus on his medical options, including further surgery or a radiotherapy course.

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“James explained, speaking to Digital Spy about how he first heard about the storey,” There are many occasions in a year where the producers will carry you upstairs and send you a pitch for an arc. When I hear the word arc, that’s a specific storey like eight to twelve weeks.
“”So You have it just 2 to 3 times a year. For this one, they brought me up and I just wanted to have a go at it.
Once Ray Meagher told me, there are A scenes, B scenes and C scenes when I first joined the show. C scenes, you’re up the back making the cup of tea. B scenes, you’re sort of delivering the cup of tea, and A scenes, the cup of tea falls on your lap and you’re the guy who has to deal with the pain of it. So Justin got an A storyline all of a sudden.
“I loved it, just. I didn’t like the idea of it, but I love that in most of the plot, Justin was the motivator.

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Asked if it was a challenge to film, James responded, “Truly, very, really, very much so.” One in three people get cancer, for example. In a few ways, it has changed my life and when you’re filming something like this, it’s hard not to think about it. It’s really affecting.
Justin trusts his wife Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) with the latest news about his health in next week’s UK episodes. Initially, he does not keep his sister Tori (Penny McNamee) in the loop, which makes her hurt when she learns that, without telling her, he was in the hospital.
Justin had also taken a similar approach to his daughter Ava previously, not wanting her to know what he was going through.

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“James added:” I believe the Holy Trinity was his sister, his girlfriend and his daughter in Justin’s world, and they were all involved.He tried to mask his symptoms initially and he tried to keep them from worrying.”
It’s a strange thing about the person with the ailment trying to shield all these other people by not letting them know and not giving them information, when the information is all they want! They’d really like to know.

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