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Home and Away spoiler: Felicity looks to the future


When it comes to the bronze medallion course, John manages things quite well. Banjo is the student who is getting the most recognition, even though Dana is progressing rather nicely. John is taking steps to ensure that a similar uproar to the one that cost him his job doesn’t happen again.

But perhaps it’s already too late. Alf reports that they have to find out what is going on before the Surf Club falls, as they lost another committee member last night.

Dana hears the announcement. Banjo is questioned by her over his observation of his father, Simon Henderson, giving large amounts of cash to committee members. They head to the police station, where Rose sends for Banjo, with Roo leading the way.

Banjo affirms what he saw, however he is angry with Dana for going against his desires. After speaking with the concerned committee members—all of whom acknowledged accepting money in exchange for their resignations—Rose reports back to Alf, Roo, and John. Rose is ready to give Simon Henderson a call. It is unanimous among the others that he must be held accountable for his actions.


After having an intimate relationship with her Levi, Mackenzie is tired of Mali meddling in her romantic life. She dismisses Mali and summons Felicity and Eden, who show up with an abundance of food and beverages, so they can have a girls’ day. In private, Mackenzie gives up on their future together during their social afternoon because Levi is firmly committed to his successful team in the city and would require a very unique reason to depart.

Felicity knows she’s in the house her now-ex-husband is staying in, but she’s ready to move on and concentrate on her next move. Eden enthusiastically concurs, urging Felicity to resume her dating life.

When Mali arrives after the girls have left, Mackenzie is somewhat more composed. She understands that he wants her back, but she must have the autonomy to choose for herself. Mali gives up on trying to be her counsellor and accepts to be her friend instead.

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