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Home and Away spoiler: Tane respects Harper’s wishes


Harper was totally taken aback when Tane tried to plant a kiss on her. Even though Tane is one of her closest friends in the Bay, she feels that she needs to request some distance. Dana laughs at the incident and doesn’t feel sorry for her sister when “the hot personal trainer” kisses her. Harper, on the other hand, is only concerned about the harm this action brought to their friendship and is not interested in serving as Tane’s next rebound.

Tane confides in Cash about his shame at thinking that his relationship with Harper may be irreversibly ruined by the aftermath of his broken marriage. He apologises, at least for the time being, as he’s not sure how to solve it. He acknowledges that it’s time for some distance and gives her the information for a new personal trainer.

Remi, meantime, is groaning in agony despite having recovered consciousness. Since they are unable to provide him with any more medication to treat it, Bree is certain that he should remain in the intensive care unit.

When Levi is called back in to check on him, he feels that his degree of suffering is normal given the intensive procedure. Bree and Eden begin to doubt Levi’s decision to do such a terrible procedure on Remi as a result.


Even though Bree is adamant that Levi made the incorrect choice, Levi’s justification persuades Eden to change her mind. He is adamant that Remi would not have survived if he hadn’t followed through. While Eden and Levi eat lunch together, Bree stays close to Remi’s hospital bed. She is fixated on every surface and won’t let an infection make his situation worse.

Marilyn, meanwhile, got a call from Leah, who is heading back to Summer Bay and out of the clinic, but she doesn’t want Justin to know. She has actually asked to stay with Marilyn at Alf’s house and doesn’t even want to go back to her own house just yet.

Marilyn begs Alf to be quiet, but he struggles to conceal such serious information from his partner. Alf tells Justin and Theo about Leah’s plans when he runs into them at the Surf Club, but he makes it clear that they must keep their distance because that’s what Leah needs.

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