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Home and Away spoiler: Levi is torn over his future


As his stay in Summer Bay draws to a close, Doctor Levi is speaking with a woman named “Imogen” on the phone. He informs her that he will shortly return home. On the inside, though, there’s something preventing him.

After his return to the hospital, Levi gives Mackenzie the all-clear to go. Mackenzie, however, is not content and extends an invitation to her house so they may discuss their relationship.

Levi gives in. He clarifies that he cannot allow what transpired between them to occur again since he has professional limits. Nevertheless, there is no denying their intense affection for one another, and they eventually give in to their emotions.

Mali sees the scene and escorts Levi off the property, ending the brief affair. Levi is accused by him of exploiting his patient. Mackenzie, however, stands up for him, saying that Mali was inappropriate to represent her, that she started it, and that she is no longer even his patient.


Leah and Justin carry on their challenging chat in the interim. Justin begs her to go back home, but it backfires. Leah withdraws upstairs and urges Justin to leave by calling Alf and Marilyn at home. Justin is escorted out by Alf, who offers to have a drink and talk with him.

Justin talks candidly about his fragile condition. Alf understands that he’s stuck in a loop of ignorance. After telling Leah about his worries at home, Alf gets her to take action. She is brutally honest when she shows up to Salt to join Justin.

Leah affirms her desire to mend their relationship, but she needs time to get ready. Justin is more than prepared to make their future a reality, satisfied that he knows it will come.

After Leah retires for the evening, Alf gives Marilyn an update on his personal issues with the Surf Club’s administration. A second secretary has recently left. Alf clarifies for Marilyn, who is perplexed. There is no longer a quorum because there are now four people in total. Thus, there is no longer any management and so no Surf Club.


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