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Home and Away revisits Nikau and Bella story in 34 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning September 26.

Tuesday, September 27: Rose feels compelled to assist Cash.
Cash, who is still having difficulty in the hospital, is curious about what transpired the day of the shooting.

Tuesday, September 27: When Rose violates police protocol to allow Cash access to the official report regarding the shooting, Xander is taken aback.

On September 27th, Tuesday: Rose informs Xander of the findings of the report.
It proved that Cash’s self-defense shooting of gang leader Marty was justified.


Tuesday, September 27: Xander and Rose wish Cash could go on at this point.
In spite of Cash’s guilt about the killing on his conscience, the investigation demonstrates that he did nothing wrong.

On September 27th, Tuesday: Rose emphasises that she has done everything possible for Cash.
Will Cash be in a position to continue living his life?

Wednesday, September 28: Justin joins the band in celebrating
In order to assist them, he bought them a new van that will enable the group to transport their gear to shows.

Wednesday, September 28: Felicity and the Paratas arrive.
A last-minute gathering is planned.


Wednesday, September 28: Tane and Felicity unwind together.
The success of Lyrik has made them both delighted.

On September 28th, Nikau and Kirby catch up.
Lyrik is in an amazing phase right now.

On September 28th, Justin plays the guitar.
The group gets together to jam.

On September 28th, John shows up.
He’s upset by the loudness as usual.


Leah appears on September 28th, a Wednesday.
She sees Justin performing on the guitar.

28th of September, Wednesday: Leah appreciates the music
She admires her spouse greatly.

Leah approaches on September 28th, a Wednesday
She expresses her backing.

Wednesday, September 28: Justin is happy to see Leah warming up to the concept after initially being against him being so engaged with the band.

On September 28th, Leah and Justin have a kiss.
Their bond is once again strong.

28 September, Wednesday: Kirby and Theo are under pressure.
The strain of concealing their relationship is wearing them down.


28th of September, Wednesday: Kirby worries being discovered.
The group’s relationships had previously been outlawed by Lyrik.

On September 28th, Kirby makes a challenging choice.
She informs Theo that their relationship must end.

28th of September, Wednesday: Theo is surprised.
He doesn’t want the situation to come to this.

Wednesday, September 28: Theo makes an effort to persuade Kirby.
He believes their bond is too strong to end.

28th of September, Wednesday: Kirby remains opposed.
She worries about what will happen if Lyrik rumbles her.

28th of September, Wednesday: Theo is devastated.
Is there any chance he can influence Kirby’s decision?

On September 28th, Theo receives another another surprise.
Nikau has a bag packed.

On September 28th, Nikau tells Theo something.
He reveals his goals.

On September 28th, Nikau informs everyone that he is travelling to New York.
His desire is to see Bella.

28th of September, Wednesday: Nikau requests a chance to defend himself.
He wants to tell Bella the actual reason he broke up with her now that the threat posed by the biker gang has gone.

Wednesday, September 28: Nikau is certain that he is acting morally, but Dean tries to convince him to leave Bella alone after learning of his actions.

On September 29th, Kirby relaxes at home.
But she has a surprise guest.

a. On September 29th: Theo shows up
He has his guitar as a weapon.

a. On September 29th: Theo has been trying to get Kirby to rejoin with him, but that could all change because of his love advances.

On September 29th, Theo performs a song for Kirby.
It’s a tune he came up with on his own.

On September 29th, Theo kept singing.
His evident dedication touches Kirby.

a. On September 29th: Kirby makes the decision to try again.
She yet insists on privacy. How much longer can Kirby and Theo really put up with this?

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