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Home and Away reveals shock stabbing in 26 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, June 20.

Thursday, June 23rd:

On his beach patrol, Nikau feels frightened. During dangerous tides, he notices someone strolling out into the water.

Nikau recognises the urgency with which he must act. The woman in the water is on her way to disaster.

Bella stands by and observes. Her boyfriend is having a particularly eventful day at work.


Nikau is adamant about saving the unknown person. The woman appears to be completely ignorant to the peril she is in.

Jasmine and Bella are concerned. Nikau pulls the woman out of the water, who turns out to be Millie.

Millie is dragged to safety by Nikau. However, she is not breathing.

Nikau tries to re-establish Millie’s breathing. It’s a situation with a lot riding on it.


Xander dashes over to help. Millie had vanished from the hospital, and he’d already been looking for her.

CPR is performed by Xander. He employs his medical training and assumes command.

Millie has a special place in Xander’s heart. He had previously assisted her at the scene of a car accident.

Xander may breathe a sigh of relief. Millie begins to breathe again when he resuscitates her. Xander informs Millie that it was not her fault, knowing that the act was caused by her grief over the disaster.


Friday, June 24th:

Dean and Tane are the only people Mac confides in. PK is still doing havoc.

Dean and Tane are both concerned. Mac is adamant about standing her stance against PK.

Nathan pays a visit to Salt. He must speak with Mac.

Nathan has a word of caution for Mac. He warns her that if she doesn’t comply with PK’s requests, she will be in serious trouble.

Mac gets visited by more unpleasant guests. While Mac is closing up Salt, a gang of thugs approaches and threatens her.

Dean and Mac have no power. They’re instructed to kneel nearby as the goons wreak havoc.


Dean and Mac are aghast. The attackers begin to vandalise the establishment.

Mac is heartbroken. Her company is being demolished right in front of her eyes.

Tane and Felicity enter the dramatic situation. When Tane is stabbed, everything comes to a head.

Felicity is in a state of disarray. She is concerned for Tane’s safety.

Tane has Felicity by his side. Tane clearly requires immediate medical intervention.

Felicity is concerned that she may lose Tane. Will her worst nightmares come true?

A major decision must be made. Calling an ambulance would put the truth about the illicit gambling nights out in the open.

Mac, Felicity, Tane, and Dean are the only ones who are left. They must make a decision.

Tane’s existence is in jeopardy. Is he going to be okay?

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