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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos left humiliated after career setback


A blow to his music career will leave Theo Poulos embarrassed on Home and Away.

The members of Lyrik will have to work quickly to pull off a flawless launch in this week’s UK-paced scenes, and Theo will be nervous during the post-show Q&A.

Theo confides in Justin in private that he feels embarrassed about the situation after Kirby intervenes and saves the day, with the scenarios that take place the following week centring upon the fallout.

Theo disputes Justin’s claim that the minor slip-up wasn’t a huge concern and even practises public speaking at home in an effort to boost his self-assurance.


Unfortunately, his fears show out as strained relationships, such as when he and Justin quarrel over what should be their priorities.

Later, the band gets an interview with Felix J on Drive Time, and Theo confidently raises his hand to do it, hoping to move over his problems; little does he know, though, that Kirby had already been invited to participate in the interview by the other band members.

Their relationship is destroyed when Theo perceives this as a calculated attempt to discredit Kirby by accusing him of wanting to be the band’s spokesperson.

Later, he turns on the radio interview, during which Kirby is asked questions about Lyrik’s harmony and morale.


Theo feels guilty for his previous actions when she reassures the audience that the band members get along and would always support one another.

Will his remorse help him mend fences with his bandmates?..

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