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Home and Away real-life couple show off adorable family member in live TV interview


Sophie Dillman and Paddy O’Connor, who played Sophie and Paddy on Home and Away, are stronger than ever, and they have a fur baby to prove it.

During a recent appearance on The Morning Show in Australia, they showed off their cavoodle Winnie, who was met by hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.

Aside from an episode of gastritis that landed Winnie in the animal hospital for seven days, Sophie and Paddy said pet ownership has been relatively painless thus far.

The hosts even brought up an Instagram photo of Paddy and Winnie watching Friends in “his favourite position” – perched on top of Paddy’s chest.


This was Winnie’s way of exerting control, according to Sophie, because the position communicates the message “they are the boss.”

The couple also addressed a recent remark that “work is work” and “home is home,” admitting that keeping them separate is “sometimes” tough.

“The worst part is when you have a fight at home and then you have to go into a love scene right away,” Sophie explained. “However, you laugh about it later.”

“We’re doing pretty well. It’s fine since we’ve had a lot of practise.”


Paddy also noted that working together as a pair had its challenges, but “we make it work.”

“I mean, it’s very hard to think about anything else when you walk through the front door and see this guy [the dog],” he continued.

Paddy joined the series as Dean Thompson in 2018, while Sophie started a year earlier as Ziggy Astoni, for which she was just nominated for a Silver Logie award in the Most Popular Actress category.

“I’m ecstatic. She’s a tireless worker and a fantastic actress, so she’s well-deserving of this “Paddy said.


Sophie laughed, “I’ll pay you later.”

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