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Neighbours Spoilers – Terese finds her mum and Paul on a date!


Terese is surprised to see her mother and Paul on a date next week on Neighbours in the UK; will she trust Estelle’s claims that she’s only trying to assist her?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, May 30th, and in Australia on Wednesday, June 22nd.

Terese is surprised when her mother Estelle (Maria Mercedes) arrives suddenly at the end of this week (UK: Friday 27th May / Aus: Wednesday 22nd June).

Terese is dubious of why Estelle has suddenly appeared in Erinsborough. The mother and daughter have been estranged for years.


Terese is sceptical of Estelle’s assertion that she is in town to support her daughter after her painful divorce. She dials her brother Nick’s number and learns Estelle’s genuine motivation: she is homeless.

Terese is hurt that her mother has lied to her yet again, but she gives her the benefit of the doubt because she wants to mend their rift.

The surprises continue next week when Terese comes into Estelle and Paul sharing cocktails!

Estelle begs Terese to let her stay as she rips her mother to shreds.


She eventually agrees, but only on the condition that Estelle avoid Paul. Unfortunately for Terese, it’s evident that both Estelle and Paul intend to utilise her for their own plans…

As if flirting with her daughter’s soon-to-be ex-husband wasn’t awful enough, Estelle soon meets Glen (Richard Huggett), with whom Terese has recently begun a new relationship.

Estelle flirts with him as well, and is pleased to discover that he is Paul’s half-brother.

Terese is enraged when she discovers her mother on a date with Paul later in the week.


She can’t believe she’s come across the couple on a date after telling Estelle she could only stay in Erinsborough provided she kept her distance from her ex-husband!

Estelle, on the other hand, has an excuse: she’s spying on Paul to help Terese get a fair divorce settlement. The strategy makes some logic, but Terese isn’t sure what to believe.

Terese takes Estelle to Josh’s memorial plaque, desperate to create a link with her mother and to keep her away from her ex-partner. They share a sweet moment.

Will the tender moment be enough to compel Estelle to devote her complete attention to her daughter?

Estelle does the right thing and breaks up with Paul – but he isn’t one to give up lightly, and the ruthless Robinson doesn’t waste any time devising a strategy. He knows that money will win Estelle’s heart, so he tempts her with a beautiful jewellery.

She tries to reject, but her desire for money overcomes her.


She returns to the dark side and visits Paul once more after yet another dispute with Terese.

The fight between Terese and Paul continues…

Glen, meantime, continues to suffer from back discomfort following an accident at the vineyard last week in which he was crushed by a barrel.

He originally refused pain medicine, fearing that he would get hooked due to his previous history of alcoholism.

He declines Harlow’s offer to manage his pain pills the following week, opting to deal with the agony on his own. When a blast from Paul throws him into a world of physical and emotional pain, he caves in and takes the drugs.

Is this the beginning of a downward spiral into a new addiction?

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