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Home and Away previews Leah and Justin’s wedding in 24 photos


New images from Leah and Justin’s wedding have been released by Home and Away. The wedding will air on Australian screens the following week.

The pair’s long-awaited wedding will take place on Tuesday of next week, when they tie the knot in a formal ceremony in front of their closest and dearest.

After a turbulent five-year romance with James Stewart’s character Justin, Ada Nicodemou’s Leah walks down the aisle towards her love. She is dressed in a traditional white gown.

Over the past year, Leah and Justin’s relationship has been put to the ultimate test. After Vita Nova abducted the two late last year, Justin’s life was in danger, and Leah suffered a mental collapse that raised serious concerns about their future.


Thank goodness, the couple is back together and has been busy organising their wedding in record time.

Leah finally consented to let Justin handle the entire event after being accused of micromanaging the proceedings.

With the exception of the dress, which Justin wisely left to his fiancée, the groom is in charge of organising every aspect of the wedding; Leah won’t know what to expect until the big day.

As a result, there will be some surprises along the way, such as John (Shane Withington) being chosen to preside over the happy marriage.


A few well-known faces will also be making a comeback during Leah and Justin’s wedding.

As we previously announced, Leah’s son VJ (Matt Little), Justin’s daughter Ava (Annabel Wolfe), and Justin’s sister Tori (Penny McNamee) will all be returning to Summer Bay for the celebration.

On the morning of the wedding, Justin shows up at the vineyard location with Tori and Ava at his sides.

Leah and Alf (Ray Meagher) show up at the vineyard shortly after that in an antique wedding car.


Leah appears rather happy as she takes in her surroundings and Alf assists her in getting out of the car, despite her long-standing insistence that she would never get married again.

Fortunately, this wedding goes off without a hitch, unlike many that have taken place in Summer Bay during the preceding thirty years.

“I did ask (the writers) for that when they were suggesting that Leah and Justin get married,” Ada said to Perth Now. “Oh please, could it just be polite, I said? She has experienced so much!

“We all agreed that it would be lovely to simply witness a couple in love, celebrate that, and have a lovely wedding.”

Leah is unaware of the wedding arrangements because Justin has kept them a secret. She asks Alf (Ray Meagher) to accompany her down the aisle after learning that several of her close relatives won’t be able to attend.

On the actual wedding day, though, she is taken aback when Alf informs her that he will not be able to accompany her down the aisle.


The explanation is that her son VJ is here and will definitely do it!

When Justin and Leah mentioned that VJ’s close family members would be attending from abroad, it was previously implied that VJ, who was last seen escaping the harbour with de facto daughter Luc in 2017, would be making a comeback.

Although many fans weren’t convinced that VJ would make an appearance, we did point out at the time that Matt Little is currently employed as a production assistant on the show, so a comeback could be readily arranged if needed.

As VJ leads the stunning bride down the aisle, all eyes are on her, and Justin is completely taken aback by the sight of his future wife approaching him.

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