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Home and Away newcomer Levi Fowler makes huge confession to Mackenzie Booth


Next week in the UK, Home and Away will unveil the truth about Summer Bay rookie Levi Fowler.

After disclosing a secret to Mackenzie Booth, his new romantic interest, Levi leaves her with a difficult choice.

Since Levi, a cardiac specialist, saved Mac’s life, viewers have witnessed a romantic bond grow between the two.

In the Channel 5 programmes airing next week, Mac spends more time with Levi as they stroll down the beach in loving companionship.


Mac uses this as an opportunity to question Levi about his lack of openness regarding their relationship. When someone questions Levi’s devotion, he makes it clear that he wants to remain with Mac.

Later, when they return to the farmhouse, Mac and Levi’s chemistry intensifies as they hurry to the bedroom. But Levi abruptly pauses, makes some hurried excuses, and leaves, bringing an abrupt end to their time together.

When Levi comes back the following day, Mac lets him know how tired she is of him playing games.

Levi admits that he is married, which explains why he was so anxious the previous evening. Mac tells him to go because he is furious.


Subsequently, Mac shares her revelation with Mali Hudson, her housemate and friend. Mali makes the observation that Mac is unaware of the entire narrative, and he advises her to talk to Levi in order to ascertain the specifics.

Mac goes to Levi’s hotel and asks to know how his marriage is doing right now.

Levi acknowledges that, before to meeting Mac, he had always been content and at ease in his marriage to Imogen.

Levi is still with Imogen, but he’s not sure how he’s going to function normally now that Mac is taking up so much of his thoughts.


She proposes spending one night together to let each other get out of their systems, but Mac is playing with fire.

The two proceed with the plan, but will Mac come to regret their choice?

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