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Home and Away Martha star teases tragic Alf split as Kieran plot set to tear family apart


Martha Stewart (Belinda Goblin) of Home and Away has been struggling to cope after her troubled alcoholic son Kieran fled Summer Bay after it was discovered that he was still drinking.

Martha’s mental health has always been a concern for her, but it’s gotten worse in recent weeks as she’s started having hallucinations.

Irene realises Martha is talking to herself the following week, and she is alarmed as Martha “introduces” her to Kieran.

Irene immediately alerts Martha’s husband Alf and Roo to the fact that something is wrong with her, and they act quickly.


They recognise the need for intervention and persuade Martha that she needs clinical assistance.

Martha agrees, however it appears that she is unaware that Kieran isn’t really there; however, it appears that the Stewarts’ issues are far from over as they struggle to cope.

“She was settled down and content with Alf and her daughter, but you can’t stay relaxed for too long on a soap,” Belinda teased, adding, “You can’t stay comfortable for too long on a soap, you need to carry the drama.”

“Martha gets agitated and emotional, and Alf has to work hard to cope with her; she’s having a total breakdown.”


“Kieran’s arrival is like an explosion; Martha goes into a complete spin, and her marriage and family are turned upside down,” she continued.

“It’s sad and scary, and the Stewart family is on a bit of a journey.”

Ray Meagher, who plays Alf, has also implied that the couple might be about to hit a snag after marrying last year, saying What’s on TV: “Things were fine for a while after their marriage,” Ray insisted.

“Then things get a little bumpy!” says the narrator.”


After blaming Alf for Kieran’s abrupt exit, Martha threatened to leave him once more, telling him that if he couldn’t tolerate him, she would pack her belongings and return to Merimbula.

She then packed her things and disappeared, telling Irene that Alf and Roo were holding her captive.

Can Alf and Martha save their marriage now that she has the support she requires?

Or will Martha’s mental health problems become too hard to bear if she tries to drive her husband away?

Meanwhile, Martha seems to be planning to betray and trick her husband by telling him she wants to convert an empty van in the caravan park into an art studio.

When Martha says she’s going to get art supplies, Alf happily agrees, but when she returns, she spreads out men’s clothes on the bed, obviously planning for Kieran to stay.


She calls her son and leaves a message for him, saying she has identified a spot where no one will be able to contact him and that she will be waiting for him in the van.

Can Martha’s hypocrisy drive Alf over the edge, revealing that she will always put her son first?


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